The Difference Between Termidor HE & Termidor SC

We use Termidor – A Trusted Solution

Suburban Pest Management has been using Termidor for the last 20 years.  it has been our most effective product over our 10,000 treatments in that time.

There are other non-repellent products out there, but none have been proven to be as effective.

Termidor is considered the best product on the market thanks to its non-repellency features. This essentially means termites are not aware the treatment is in place until they've already tried to pass through the system in which time it's too late, and the termites will have been effected.

We are so confident about Termidor that Tom Aldridge, the owner of Suburban Pest Management, put together a video addressing some of the most commonly asked questions.

New and Improved Formula in Termidor HE

In 2018, BASF (who make Termidor), brought out a new and improved formulation, Termidor HE (or High Efficiency). With an advanced polymer matrix added to the same brilliant Termidor product, it meant the same effective solution, but now the product travels further into the soil, allowing for better coverage.

This means less drill holes in your concrete or tiles, and better coverage in areas with limitations or soil types like clay, for example, SC standard drill spacing is every 200mm, compared to HE which can be anywhere up to 450mm. That's less than half the amount of drill holes required, with the same amount of product used. Further, HE can be ideal for buildings with deeper footings where rod injecting is more viable than trenching all the way down to the footing.

Either product has the same effective guarantee, backed with a $2 million product warranty.

Apart from building limitations, the choice of HE or SC ultimately comes down to a personal preference. If you prefer less drill holes, then Termidor HE is the way to go. If this is not a big deal, then Termidor SC is a great option. Either way, using Termidor to future proof your home from termite attack is the best way to have peace of mind, with an ideal long- term solution.

For more information about all of our termite treatment services, go to our Termite Treatments page.

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