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Affordable And Reliable Pest Control in Brisbane

Pests love the warm weather in Brisbane and can wreak havoc on both residential and commercial properties, causing damage, health risks, and discomfort. In Brisbane, there are a diverse range of pests which thrive in the warm humid conditions, so it is crucial to have reliable pest control services to protect your property.

Suburban Pest Management are local pest control experts and have been providing safe and effective pest management services for Brisbane homes and businesses for almost 30 years.

Houses in Brisbane

Residential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Management Services

Whether it's a residential or commercial property, when you deal with Suburban Pest Management, you can be confident that you are dealing with a trusted and reliable pest control company who has been offering quality pest control solutions for almost 30 years. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing effective and reliable pest control solutions to create a pest-free environment for our valued clients.

For residential properties, we offer great value, effective solutions to rid your home of pests whilst ensuring the well-being of your family and pets.  

For businesses, maintaining a clean and pest-free environment is not just a luxury – it's a necessity. Our Commercial services prioritise the health and safety of your customers and staff; protect your business reputation; and keep your property free from damaging pests.

Residential Pest Control Services

We have a solution for all common pests found in Brisbane. Our residential pest control services include:

  • Targeted Pest Solution - focuses on eradicating one type of pest
  • Comprehensive Pest Solution - a packaged solution to treat common unwanted pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, and silverfish. This package also includes a 12-month warranty on our general pest treatments
  • Complete Pest Solution Package – combines our Comprehensive Pest Solution with an In-Depth Termite Inspection at a bundled special offer price
  • Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections - see our Building and Pest Inspections page for more information and if you would like to book a pest inspection for your next property.
  • End of Lease Pest Control – Tenancy agreements contain a legal requirement to get a pest treatment done prior to vacating. Suburban offers cheap, fast and convenient end-of-lease pest treatments for tenants.  

Termite Treatment Brisbane

Many of the same things that attract you to the Brisbane area are exactly what makes this area prime for a termite infestation. A warm climate, with plenty of wooden colonial homes - it is paradise for a termite.

That makes professional termite management a must—even if termites haven’t come knocking at your door yet.

When you live in Brisbane, it pays to be proactive. Be smart. Get your termite treatment programme in place and protect your property from termite infestation.

Our timber pest inspectors have years of experience dealing with the types of termite infestations most common in Brisbane residential properties. They are all licenced and insured; receive the highest level of training in the industry; and use the very latest in equipment and technology.

SPM technician holding a moisture meter

Our Termite services include:

  1. Free Termite Assessments - A special offer where we will come out to your property, chat with you about your property's pest history and your concerns, and give you options for what you can do next. Please note this is NOT a full inspection.
  2. Termite Inspections – A thorough inspection will be done inside looking for dead or live termites, droppings on window frames, as well as damage to wood siding, timber, fascia boards, gutters and drainpipes. External walls will also be checked for potential termite entry. Your termite inspector will also check your roof void and sub-floor plus any other "high risk areas" such as under decks or landings.

Suburban offers a range of termite treatments, and which program is right for you is dependent on several factors, including your property layout and your budget:

  1. Termite Colony Control – means eradicating termites includes killing the active termite colony. A termiticide is applied but doesn’t kill the termites right away. The treated termites carry the chemical back to the nest, where other termites encounter the chemical, killing off the colony.
  2. Chemical Soil Treatments - A chemical is used to create a long-lasting chemical barrier around the perimeter of your home which prevents termites from breaching the treated area.
  3. Termite Baiting Systems - Termite baiting systems are a type of termite treatment that uses traps set at regular intervals around the outside of your property. They lure termites in to feed on a cellulose material. To be effective, these baits need to be regularly checked by a professional technician.
  4. Ongoing Termite Protection

For more information about our Termite Services, please visit our Termite Treatment Brisbane page.

Commercial Pest Management in Brisbane

Pest problems can be detrimental to businesses, impacting on reputation, customer satisfaction, and even leading to financial losses. Our commercial pest management services cater to the unique requirements of individual businesses in Brisbane in various industries, including food manufacturing, restaurants and cafes, hotels, offices, shopping centres, warehouses and more.

Our team of experts are well-versed in commercial pest management techniques and stay updated with the latest industry practices. We provide discreet and efficient services to minimize disruptions to your daily operations.

Whether you are dealing with a persistent rodent problem, a cockroach problem or an infestation of stored product pests, or just need a commercial pest management programme for compliance with health department regulations, we can provide you with the right solution.

We are HACCP (Food Safety) and ISO9001 accredited, which means we can put pest management programs in place for all types of industries including food production.

Our integrated pest management approach aims to minimise the use of pesticides whilst still controlling pests. It combines inspection, prevention, and treatment to deliver long-term results.

For more information about Suburban’s Commercial Pest Management services, visit the Commercial page on our website.

Common Pests in Brisbane

Our qualified pest controllers can treat any type of pest found in the Southeast-Queensland area. Our wide range of service treat domestic creepy crawlies including:

Locations We Service

Suburban is a local Southeast-Queensland business keeping thousands of homes and businesses pest free in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast, and west to Ipswich.

Pest Control for Brisbane Northside Homes

A local company such as Suburban knows the Brisbane northside and the common pests that affect the area. Let our team of professionals keep your Brisbane northside property pest-free.

Conducting a pest inspection

Suburban Pest Management services all the major northside, Peninsula, and Moreton Bay region suburbs:

With our team of well-trained professionals, we will inspect your northside home for pests. If we find any, we'll sit down with you, rid your home of them, and create a plan for how to keep them away. Call Suburban now to clean these creatures out of your home for good.

Pest Control for Brisbane Southside Homes

When you live in the pleasant southern suburbs of Brisbane, you need a dependable pest management company. After all, people aren't the only ones who find the area a great one to settle down in.

Household pests spread disease and cause property damage by wrecking the underlying structures of your property. From rodents chewing through electrical wiring, to termites, who munch happily on the timber structures that support your home, these creatures can do serious damage to your home.

Suburban Pest Management services all the major southside suburbs:

  • Acacia Ridge
  • Algester
  • Annerley
  • Archerfield
  • Calamvale
  • Coopers Plains
  • Dutton Park
  • Eight Mile Plains
  • Fairfield
  • Forest Lake
  • Greenslopes
  • Holland Park
  • Inala
  • Kangaroo Point
  • Kuraby
  • Logan
  • Mansfield
  • Moorooka
  • Mount Gravatt
  • Nathan
  • Parkinson
  • Robertson
  • Rochedale
  • Rocklea
  • Runcorn
  • Salisbury
  • Sunnybank
  • Sunnybank Hills
  • Tarragindi
  • Tennyson
  • Wishart
  • Yeerongpilly
  • Woolloongabba
  • West End
  • Yeronga

Minimum Impact On The Environment And Safe For Your Family And Pets

We have developed treatment techniques, utilising the most advanced equipment and products to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal. We specialise in targeting the harbourage areas of pests, minimising the amount of pesticides used as well as ensuring that people and pets are not directly exposed. Non-chemical control methods are implemented whenever possible.

‍Brisbane Pest Control at an Affordable Price

The last thing you want is to go broke paying for pest control for your home or business. But know this you just might go broke if you don't take care of your pest problem sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, there is a reputable pest control company in Brisbane offering a professional service at a reasonable price, that is Suburban Pest Management. Our reputation for quality pest management solutions has earned the praise of Brisbane homeowners and businesspeople. Years of experience providing careful inspections and targeted pest removal have made us the pest control company Brisbane residents recommend to their friends.

We're happy to help you solve your pest problems with an affordable pest control package that meets all your needs. From inspection to removal, we don't waste time or money. We use top-quality, state-of-the-art equipment and pest control products that get the job done right the first time. That's our promise.

For more information about our pest control treatment prices, go to the Pest Control Costs page on our website.

‍Hire Brisbane's Best Pest Control Service: Suburban Pest Management

When you need a pest control expert in Brisbane, you'll want to hire Suburban for long-lasting protection for your property.

For a limited time, we are offering an online special price on our Comprehensive Pest Solution which combines treatments for cockroaches, ants, spiders, and silverfish. This offer also includes a 12-month service period on our general pest treatments. To book, click the green Make a Booking button in the box on the top right of this page.

Proactive pest management can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. Take the first step towards a pest-free environment by reaching out to our team today.

Experience the difference expert pest control technicians can make. Contact Suburban today

Keeping your property protected from pests and your family safe are top priorities for top priorities. A DIY insecticide is fine for the odd fly, but only professional pest control can rid your home of pests and keep your property pest-free.

Yes, safety for your pets is a top priority. All of the products we use for our pest treatments are deemed safe for pets, provided they are applied by qualified professional technicians. When misted products are used, we always advise that you keep your pet away from treated surfaces for at least two hours.

Pest control treatments will last 12 months if applied correctly using good-quality products. Our Comprehensive Pest Solution which treats cockroaches, ants, spiders and silverfish includes a 12 month guarantee on our service, which means that if pests return, so do we.

Pest control doesn't have to break your budget. The cost varies depending on the size of your home, the type of pest, and the severity of the infestation. However, for an average 3 to 4 bedroom home, the cost to treat an individual pest, such as cockroaches, starts at $199. Our Comprehensive Pest Solution which treats cockroaches, ants, spiders, and silverfish and includes a 12 month guarantee on our service, costs $329 or $299 when you book online using our live online booking system.

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