Termite Baiting Systems: Safe, Effective Termite Management

One of the most effective and safest types of termite protection is a termite bait system. These termite baits are safe for humans and pets, yet deadly for termites. The active ingredient works only on insects, so it cannot hurt even the birds and other wild animals you want to attract to your garden.

The bait’s active ingredient inhibits chitin, the compound of which the insect’s protective exoskeleton is made. When the termites molt, or shed their exoskeletons, their bodies cannot manufacture another.

Active termites found at the Exterra termite bait station

No longer protected from the air, they dry out—or predators consume them. Either way, the colony will usually be gone within six to 12 weeks, depending on the size of the colony, the species of the termites, and the time of year.

The bait also softens the insects’ mouth, so it can no longer eat timber. Therefore, the only ‘food source’ is the bait. A most efficient way to keep termites from eating your home or office from the inside out.

Is a bait treatment right for your property? Only an inspection by a trained, licensed termite inspector can tell.

Properties vary in their lay of the land and their construction. While a termite bait treatment may be best for one home, a barrier treatment may be better for its neighbour.

Here are some more questions most customers have about termite bait treatments. The more informed you are about the various treatment choices, the better equipped you are to make a decision about treating your property.

  • How do termite baits work?
  • Where are these baits installed?
  • Are termite baits eco-friendly?
  • How do you know if the baits are effective?

How Do Termite Baits Work?

Our pest control technicians will come to your home or business and place bait stations around your building at about three to five metres apart. These termite baits work well since they contain types of wood that attract termites in addition to the active ingredient.

The attractant we use entices termites to choose the bait station instead of tracking past them to your building. The active ingredient itself is slow-acting, but each termite will carry small amounts of it back to their colony, so it will kill even the termites who do not go near the bait station.

Every month--or even more frequently in some circumstances--our technicians will monitor these stations to make sure that termites are eating the bait. When needed, we will replace the baits with fresh ones to make sure that the termites will continue to feed.

If needed, we may temporarily install above-ground baits in your home or other buildings. We will affix these baits to prime termite feeding areas, such as doors, walls, or window frames to jumpstart the elimination process.

Termite baits work in a wide range of building types and soil conditions. Weather will not affect the baits, since they’re contained in plastic containers and will not leach out into the ground during flooding or other inclement conditions.  

Termite bait system in to the ground
Termite bait system in to the ground

The magic of termite baits is that termites will never know what they’re eating. They have no odour, even to termites themselves. They’ll happily munch on the baits until they are entirely gone.

Where Will You Install My Termite Baits?

Old underground termite bait stations on red soil.

We install these baits around the perimeter of your property. No worries—they’re unobtrusive, so they won’t spoil the looks of your garden or yard.

After installation, they lie flat against the surface of the soil. Often, we can hide them in your garden beds.

These discreetly placed bait stations won’t be obvious to those who don’t know they’re there. Your garden and home will be as beautiful as they were before, only better—since they’ll be termite-free.

Are Termite Baits Eco-Friendly, Child-Safe, and Pet-Friendly?

Termite treatment barriers are safe for children and the environment

Since the termite bait attractant only lures wood-eating insects, others will not even bother with the baits. The termiticide will not harm pets, plants, or any other animals since it works only on the capacity of an insect to grow an outer shell—its exoskeleton.

As such, they are child-safe as well. Eco-friendly termite baits may be the best choice if you have children around.

Since we don’t need to pump chemicals into the ground or on top of the soil, it’s safe for the earth as well. The active ingredient itself targets only termites, so you need not worry about beneficial animals or wildlife.

How Can I Know If the Baits Are Effective?

Our technicians will check the progress every month--or more frequently in some circumstances. During the check, we’ll know the treatment is working when we see that the termites are consuming the baits. The treatment’s manufacturer guarantees elimination if the termites consume a certain amount of bait. The more bait we add, the better chance of success.

Generally not a lot of change will occur in the early stages, then towards the end, the termites will all die out fairly quickly around the same time. Depending on the species, you will normally see the workers’ bodies change colour (which means they are being affected). The workers will die first, then, and just the soldiers will remain. Because soldiers cannot feed themselves (this is what the workers are for), they will eventually die of starvation. This is why it is much easier to gage success with baiting versus a chemical barrier treatment.

Exterra Termite Baiting System

Suburban Pest Management offers Exterra as one of the options for termite baiting systems. We have found the system to be an excellent choice and very effective in the protection of homes against termite attack. Exterra utilises closed and locked monitoring stations containing eucalypt timber interceptors. Stations are checked regularly and in the stations where termites are intercepted, Requiem termite baits are added. Requiem baits are highly palatable to termites and non-toxic to humans and pets. The termites feed on the bait and take it back to the colony where it is fed slowly throughout the entire colony. SPM offers 12 months of monitoring as standard.

Check out Tom answering some frequently asked questions about Exterra.

Trelona ATBS

Suburban Pest Management offers Trelona ATBS as one of our baiting system product options. Traditional bait stations normally only have timber in them, and baits are added when termite activity is found in the stations. Trelona works a little differently. An active ingredient called Novaluron is in the bait which is contained in a cartridge which is permanently in the bait stations. It will immediately affect the entire colony. We check the stations regularly and replace baits as required to make sure the system remains effective. We offer 12 months of monitoring as standard.

Check out Tom answering some frequently asked questions about Trelona.

Ready to Take Control over Termites with a Baiting System?

If you’re tired of termites having their way with your home or business property, our technicians can put that kind of activity to a stop.

If you want a safe, effective alternative to chemical-laden termite barriers, call our termite control experts to get an estimate and how you can protect your property with termite baits from Suburban Pest Management. Call for your termite baiting estimate today.

The name Exterra is made up of three words - exterminate, termite and terra (exterminate termites in the ground). Exterra is a termite bait system and is very effective on termite control and protection without the use of harsh chemicals. Termite Bait Stations are installed around your property. Stations contain eucalyptus timber interceptors. Stations are checked regularly and in stations where termites are intercepted, termite baits are added.

In Exterra Termite Bait Stations, where termites are intercepted, Requiem bait is added. The baits are irresistible to termites. Termites feed on the baits and take it back to the colony where it is fed slowly throughout the whole colony. The termites die gradually and do not associate the colony’s demise with the consumption of the Requiem bait. As a result, the entire colony is eliminated.

The Exterra Baiting System creates a Termite Interception Zone around your home. This continuous zone is created by using Exterra’s Focus Termite Attractant in each station. Focus Termite Attractant consists of granules which are placed into the bottom of the hole prior to station placement. Termites will be stopped before they reach your home.

Exterra Requiem Termite Bait is irresistible to termites but safe for you, your family, pets, and the environment. Exterra describes it as less toxic than table salt! Baits are in closed and locked stations, ensuring they are kept securely away from your family and household pets. Termites take the bait back to their nest, and the colony is eliminated.

Exterra termite baits can last up to four years before they expire.

Exterra has been installed in over 100,000 homes and businesses in Australia. Suburban Pest Management has been installing the Exterra baiting system for more than 10 years and has found it to be an exceptional product with proven performance for termite control and protection.

At Suburban Pest Management, in most cases, we check stations monthly. A full 12 months’ worth of checks is included as standard.

Trelona Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS) is a termite baiting system and is very effective in the control of and protection against termites. Stations containing baits are installed around the perimeter of your house. An active ingredient called Novaluron is in the bait which is contained in a cartridge which is permanently in the bait stations. With other systems, there is a delay before termites are intercepted in the stations. This is not the case with Trelona as stations contain baits from the get-go. Termites feed on the bait and spread the active ingredient through the colony.

The Trelona ‘Always Active’ baits can last up to 7 years.

Trelona bait stations can be used in combination with Termidor termiticide. Both are proven products, and in certain circumstances where termite risk is high or construction design demands, a combined treatment may be your best choice and provide the most thorough protection for your home.

Termite baits are an effective tool for eliminating and controlling termite infestations. For systems to be truly effective, they need to be installed and monitored by a professional who knows what they are doing.

Subterranean termites live below ground in intermingling colonies. They track through the soil until they come across food (cellulose), which is a structural component of wood. Termite baits contain cellulose and most have been designed to be irresistible to termites, which draws them into the stations and away from your home.

The active ingredient in the baits will not have any effect on nearby plants or the insects that visit them, so baiting systems are safe to use in the garden.

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