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There are three reasons why you might be visiting the Free Termite Assessment page on our website.

  1. You suspect you may have termites – If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. We understand the worry that a termite infestation causing damage to property can cause owners. If you have termites, don’t be alarmed, don’t disturb the area, take some photos of the live termites, and give the team at SPM a call or book your free termite assessment online, and we will come and sort out the problem for you.
  2. You might have seen some termite alates – Termite alates (winged termites) are the reproductive termites and they leave their colonies in Spring and Summer looking for new colony sites. When they land, they drop their wings and become de-alates. From there they look for a new home. If you see alates around, they are not necessarily a sign that termites have invaded your property, rather, a sign that termites are nearby and looking to start a new colony. So it is a good reminder to have your property checked just in case they decide that your home is their new home.
  1. You may just want to have your property routinely checked for termites - Even if you don’t suspect you have termites, we recommend that every home or business have their home checked for termites at least once per year, and a free termite assessment for peace of mind costs nothing.

Suburban Pest Management – Best Termite Protection

SPM is the best choice for all your termite protection needs. SPM are experts in detection, eradication, and ongoing management of termites in your home or business. SPM is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience. Our technicians have the highest level of training in the industry so you can have complete confidence and trust that you will receive the most thorough and complete job possible.

Book a free termite assessment today and we will send out an experienced, qualified technician to check your property. We will discuss your property’s termite history, and any areas of concern. We will also give you options as to how to protect your home from termite attack.

Book for free termite assessment online via our live booking system, and depending where you are located, we could send a technician out to visit you as early as this afternoon or tomorrow.

Contact SPM today. Give us a call or book your free termite assessment online today.

*Please note a free assessment is not a full inspection.

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