End-of-Lease Pest Control

At Suburban Pest Management, we offer cheap, fast, reliable and convenient end of lease pest treatments. We will treat your rental property for pests and help you get your rental bond refund.

Many tenants recommend Suburban Pest Management for fair prices and excellent service for end-of-lease pest control treatments. It may surprise you just how little a quality pest control treatment costs.

What Service Do I Need?

Your tenancy agreement contains a legal requirement that you get an end-of-lease pest control treatment (cockroaches) prior to handing back the keys and vacating the property. However, you should check your rental agreement for the specific wording as many are requiring you get a professional flea treatment as well (internal and very often external as well), particularly if you have a pet.

It is in your best interest to organise a pest treatment, otherwise you risk not getting your bond back.

We offer affordable effective treatments for common pests such as cockroaches, rodents, or fleas (internal & external). You can choose an individual pest treatment or combination service depending on what is required. The price for an end-of-lease treatment for one pest such as cockroaches starts at $154 (for a standard 3-4 bedroom home), but there may be an additional charge depending on where you are located and the size of the property. Contact Suburban for an exact quote. This price is current as at July 2023 but is subject to change.

When you call Suburban Pest Management to organise your end-of-lease pest control, we will ask you whether or not you require a flea treatment.  We want to help you avoid the extra hassle and dollars if you were to have to get us out a second time. Note there will be an additional charge if you require a flea treatment.

If you decide to go with a flea treatment, this is what we will do. Inside, we will spray a flea fumigation mist on floors and carpets. Outside, we will spray and mist the yard to rid it of fleas. The cost of an external flea treatment varies depending on the size of the property.

We can also treat any type of pest, so if you have special circumstances or a specific pest control issue, please contact us for a quote.

Quick and Easy Service

We have pest technicians standing by across most of Southeast-Queensland so we can be at your property in as little as 24 hours, depending on your location.

What If I have Already Moved or Won't Be There at the End-of-Lease Pest Control Appointment?

If you can’t be there when we do your pest service, no stress, we can work around your requirements.

Your pest technician is able to locate the key in a safe place where you have instructed us to find it, or we can pick up and drop off your keys at the real estate if no more than a few minutes away.

We can also take payments over the phone ahead of your service, or pick up the cash from your property manager when we drop your keys. No problem, we are happy to fit in with your requirements.

When Should I Book In My End-of-Lease Pest Control?

Your pest control treatment following cleaning of carpets will be most effective, as steam cleaning after your service will reduce the effectiveness of your treatment. It is also cheaper if done after you have removed your furniture from the property. We would suggest, that you organise it for the day after cleaning.

About Suburban Pest Management

Suburban Pest Management is a pest control company with its head office on the northside of Brisbane. We are experienced professionals providing pest control services for more than 27 years so you can trust that we are reliable and offer effective treatments. We are known for our friendly service and affordable pricing.

So if you are moving house and looking for a fast affordable end-of-lease pest control service, get in contact today.

For Property Managers

As a property manager, you are looking for a reliable pest control company who can give you the peace of mind knowing that pest control is being proactively managed in the properties you look after.

Suburban is the number one trusted name in property management pest control in the Southeast-Queensland area. Our prices are value for money, and our service well beyond what other pest control firms do for their customers.

As well as our residential services, we also work for many commercial clients in the Southeast-Queensland area in all aspects of pest control. We are HACCP (Food Safety) and ISO9001 accredited, so we have the systems in place to handle even the most complex of commercial pest control installations. For townhouses, apartments, and complexes, we offer special pricing, so contact the Commercial team for a quote.

For your residential tenants, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are referring them to a reliable and trusted company in the pest control industry. We use products which are devastating to pests but pose no risk to the property, your tenants or the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, your property should be vacant for your treatment to be most effective. This will also save you money on your service as well. You should also organise your pest treatment to be performed after cleaning is done for it to be most effective. If you have vacated the property, you will also need to provide access. Many pest control companies have a key pick up and drop off service provided your real estate agency is located close by.

As a tenant, the first step to identify your responsibility is to look at your lease agreement. Many agreements detail pest control requirements. Some may specify a general pest treatment, others may include internal fleas (in the case of apartments), some might include internal and external fleas, particularly if pets are allowed. If your agreement doesn't specifically address pest control, you can look at the Residential Tenancies Act. 

"If the property was free of pests at the start of the tenancy, the tenant must ensure the property meet the same standard at the end of the tenancy."

This means that pest control is largely the responsibility of the tenant.

In most cases, pests that are outside the tenant's control, such as possums or termites, are the responsibility of the landlord.

A single pest end-of-lease service (such as a treatment for cockroaches) starts at $149 (for a standard size vacated property). An internal and external flea treatment costs $199 and if you wish to combine general pest and flea treatments, it will cost $249.

Please contact the team at Suburban for more information or to book.

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