Termite Barriers:
A Long-Term Solution

For years, Suburban Pest Management has provided quality barrier treatments to property owners in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast areas. We not only have knowledge of termites and other pests overall, but we know how the climate, soil, and lay of the land affects how pests behave.

We offer an effective range of termite control services. Termite treatment barriers are one of the most effective and longest-lasting among all those services.

Termites can track through the ground, often up to half a metre below the surface. When they hit the footing, or the foundation of the building, they will often come up and try to enter the building via that first course of bricks.

Different barriers work in different ways but they are all constructed to serve as a protective 'zone' that administers a lethal dose of a termite-specific chemical. This chemical lasts a long time which means it will protect your home or business from termites in the years to come.

With the knowledge and experience that Suburban Pest Management brings to the table, you can rest assured that your termites will be gone in no time, thanks to our expertly trained technicians and leading-edge equipment and products.

There are three basic types of termite barriers:

  • Chemical Soil Treatments
  • Physical Barriers
  • Chemical Reticulation Systems

Chemical Soil Treatments

Chemical soil treatments provide extensive, long-term protection for existing buildings.

Termites can track through the ground, often up to half a metre below the surface. When they hit the footing, or the foundation of the building, they will often come up and try to enter the building via that first course of bricks.

We apply a powerful liquid chemical to the soil that forms a protected zone around your building’s foundation.

A chemical soil treatment barrier installed by Suburban at a residential property.
Completed chemical soil treatment

We use a chemical that destroys, not repels, entire colonies of termites within your property. The trouble with repelling termites is that the termites don’t carry the chemical back to the nest.

The risk with repellent chemicals is that as they break down over time, termites may find a weakness in the barrier, which they wouldn’t look for with non-repellent chemicals. The only way to ensure that they won’t be back is to use a chemical that termites carry back to the nest, killing every termite in the colony, including the queen—who can lay up to 30 thousand eggs a day.

The beauty of this chemical is that it’s completely undetectable by termites. When the termites march into your home, the chemical won’t kill them right away.

After they return to their nest, every other termite they meet will also come into contact with the termiticide, eliminating them as well. Termites who come into contact with this chemical will die within five to 21 days.

With a chemical soil treatment, our expert technicians will come to your property to apply the chemical to the soil around the building. They will drill tiny holes into concrete or tile areas, such as walkways, so the chemical can get underneath those areas as well.

We can apply plugs in the same colour as your walkway or tile, so you’ll never know they’re there.

We use Termidor - A Trusted Solution

Suburban Pest Management has been using Termidor for more than 15 years. There are other non-repellent products out there, but none have been proven to be as effective.

Termidor is considered the best product on the market thanks to its non-repellency features. This essentially means termites are not aware the treatment is in place until they've already tried to pass through the system in which time it's too late, and the termites will have been affected.

We are so confident about Termidor that Tom Aldridge, the owner of Suburban Pest Management, put together a video addressing some of the most commonly asked questions:

Physical Termite Barriers

If you have bought an off-plan property or plan to build on your own block, you can ask us to construct a termite barrier in the early stages of construction. If you already are in your business building or home, we can install a post-construction barrier that will be just as effective.

Our technician installing a physical termite barrier as part of building a new home

The best choice for new construction or extensive renovations, the physical termite barriers we use are materials with chemical impregnated within to prevent termites from gaining concealed entry into your home. Whilst a concrete slab is a physical barrier in itself, anything penetrating through the slab (plumbing or electrical), any joints in the slab, or any area around the edge of the slab (like a brick base home), will allow termites access without you even seeing them.

Termite only need a one-millimetre gap, so correct installation is essential. Getting a cheap install can run the risk of termites bypassing the product.

The biggest concern is that you won’t know you have a bad install until years down the track when you have termites eating your bathroom out. Therefore, if you’re planning to build in the near future, we would strongly recommend a physical termite barrier, so you’ll not develop termite problems down the road.

Chemical Reticulation Termite Barrier System

Although this system uses a termiticide, as does a regular chemical soil treatment, we use a hose or flexible pipe to release the chemical into the ground through perforated holes. We install the pipe around the building’s foundation.

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This system works well when your home has pavers; or if you intend to pave; or if it has concrete around it since it requires little disruption of these existing structures when it comes time to replenish the chemical. Many property owners request a reticulation system for their new buildings, or when they renovate the building.

Termite Treatment Barrier Safety

A physical barrier has no outside chemical component. It’s simply impenetrable by termites, so it is indeed safe. It just stops the insects from coming inside.

Termite treatment barriers are safe for children and the environment

As for chemical barriers—both the reticulation system and ground-based kinds—we use only chemicals that have passed Australia’s strict safety requirements. They are eco-friendly and safe for children, pets, plants, or wildlife.  

Value for Money

Consider that this treatment can last for several years. It is great value for money when you compare against the cost of repairs to your property as a result of a termite infestation. It is worth it when you consider the protection of your property and the safety of your family.

When you add up all the benefits and weigh them against the risks, you’ll ask yourself, ‘Why did I wait so long’?

Speak to the team at Suburban Pest Management today to find out more about termite barriers.


Termidor is a liquid termiticide which is applied to soil around the outside of your home. It binds strongly to organic matter in the soil and when not disturbed it stays in place for years. It creates a protective ‘zone’ around your house.

Termidor is a chemical that binds to organic matter in the soil and is undetectable by termites. It doesn’t repel termites. Because termites cannot detect the chemical, as they track through the soil, they are unaware that they are coming into contact with Termidor. It kills through contact and ingestion. It has a transfer effect which means that they go about their business not knowing they are ingesting the chemical when they eat, and they pass the chemical to other termites in the colony.

There are DIY termiticides out there, but they contain a much lower amount of active ingredient. Professionals use chemicals that have a mixture rate set at the right amount to have maximum impact but still be safe for humans and pets. A professional pest controller also has the right high-pressure equipment to apply the right amount of chemical deep down into the soil. The level of protection achieved far outweighs the cost savings when you compare a professionally installed treatment to a cheaper DIY option.

Baiting systems are considered more environmentally friendly because no chemicals are delivered into the soil. However, baiting systems require continuous monitoring. Chemical barriers provide excellent protection, and provided the soil is undisturbed, are set and forget, and last for many years. Both systems are effective, and which one suits you best is dependent on a number of factors, including the design of the building, whether termites have been located already, and whatever you as the client would be most comfortable with.

Termidor can take up to 90 days to kill the termite colony. It is common to see termite activity for a few weeks following a treatment.

Termidor has virtually no odour.

Termidor is safe for use around pets. However, it is important to keep your pets away for at least 24 hours to enable the termiticide to dry completely.

Termidor comes with a manufacturer’s product warranty covering your home for structural damage up to $2 million provided that your home has been treated by an accredited Termidor applicator. At Suburban Pest Management, we offer an SPM Guarantee which provides a guarantee on our installation.

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