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You love your Sunshine Coast home. You couldn’t ask for a better place to live, except for the pests. You need effective pest control designed for the Sunshine Coast area.

You see, pests including termites, love our warm Sunshine Coast climate. Moist sea air and semi-tropical breezes—it’s like heaven for pests, too.

That’s why you need a pest control company that knows the Sunshine Coast’s native pests inside and out. That’s why you need pest control that can evict those pesky creatures with methods tailored to them—not a generic sample of pests across the country.

If you are specifically looking for termite treatment, please visit our Termites page.

Suburban Pest Management hires only people that are familiar with the Sunshine Coast and its pests. Then, we train our inspectors to look in the spots where Sunshine Coast pests most often hide—places it’s hard to detect their presence with the naked eye.

We use only the latest equipment, including infrared cameras and motion detectors, to find wherever pests hide. We look in every cranny, every nook, in every building. We peer into your cupboards.

We look at every part of your roof, as well as underneath the roof in the roof cavity and the roof’s supporting structures. We look underneath your home and other buildings: crawlspaces, cellars, and under your deck.

We tailor the treatment to each pest we find. That’s what sets Suburban apart from the other pest control companies on the Sunshine Coast. We have:

  • The best pest control prices on the Sunshine Coast
  • Earned the best pest control reviews on the Sunshine Coast
  • A great reputation among the Sunshine Coast’s pest control companies
  • Never offered cheap pest control for our valued Sunshine Coast customers
  • The best pest control on the Sunshine Coast

The Best Pest Control Prices on the Sunshine Coast

We offer the finest quality pest control for a fair price. We call that value for the dollar.

Other pest control companies may offer a cheaper price initially—but they don’t have our airtight guarantee. With them, you’ll end up calling them again and again, paying them a fee every time.

You’ll end up spending way more than if you had gone with a reputable company in the first place. And you’ll still not be pest-free.

That’s why we say we have the best prices for pest control on the Sunshine Coast. For what you get—a thorough inspection that leaves no stone unturned, treatment that evicts all the pests from your property, and courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable technicians—our prices are a true bargain.

And what’s more—you get our promise, a guarantee that your home will be free from all the pests we’ve treated. That’s worth its weight in gold.

It’s time to get more for your Sunshine Coast pest control dollar. Get a no-obligation quote from Suburban today.

Suburban Has Earned the Best Pest Control Reviews on the Sunshine Coast

When it comes to Sunshine Coast Pest Control reviews, we have the market cornered. Sunshine Coast businesses and residents alike have applauded us for our work. This isn’t to brag, but rather to point to the only thing we care about—getting pests out of our customers’ homes and businesses.

We stop at nothing to find and remove pests. Better than anyone, we know the destructive power of these tiny creatures.

We’ve seen supporting timbers so eaten up by termites that they’ve nearly caused buildings to collapse. We’ve seen mouse and rat nests tucked into the walls of children’s bedrooms, contaminating the kids’ dresser drawers with their droppings and causing a fire hazard from their incessant love for chewing on electrical wiring.

That’s why we’re so thorough. We treat your home or business the same way you would—with the utmost in pest control excellence.

Courtesy, promptness, and respect mark our personnel. We’ve all had pest infestations—so have most Sunshine Coast homes, due to the pest-friendly climate.

We just know how to fix them. Contact us today to see how we can help you earn rave reviews for your pest-free home.

A Great Reputation among Sunshine Coast Pest Control Companies

They may be our competitors, but they respect what we do. They just can’t do what we can. We don’t take a huge cut of what we earn.

We charge fair prices, do quality work. That’s what gives you the edge when you hire us.

That and our no-stone-unturned inspections that turn up pests wherever they hide.

With cutting-edge tools and eco-friendly products, we eliminate pests from your property for good. But our reputation is only as good as our next job.

That’s why we stand heads above other Sunshine Coast pest control companies. We don’t rest on our laurels. We don’t stop until the pests are gone.

Termite Inspections for Sunshine Coast Homes and Businesses

Termite Inspections for Sunshine Coast Homes

Thorough termite inspections can make the difference between a few dollars spent on prevention and tens of thousands of dollars on future repairs.

If we miss even a single termite, that termite may come back and bring his extended family. Before long, you have an entire colony using your Sunshine Coast holiday home for their own year-long paradise.

Because termite inspections are crucial to keeping your Sunshine Coast business or home structurally sound, we look in every area of your home, using the latest technology, such as our termite motion detector. In hard-to-reach areas, we use an infrared camera to detect these destructive pests.

When we find termites on your property, we create an extensive treatment plan. We use the latest, safest chemical and physical barriers to kill off the colony and keep them from coming back.

You need effective protection from termites for your Sunshine Coast home. Start with a thorough termite inspection from Suburban Pest Management.

We Never Offer Cheap Pest Control to Sunshine Coast Customers

Yes, we have fair prices. But we’ll never bring cheap pest control to the Sunshine Coast.

Cheap pest control is only cheap if it works. But it never works. How could it, with low-quality chemicals, outdated equipment, and no follow-up visits?

What we offer is a bargain in the long run. A thorough inspection, followed by a treatment that targets every one of the pests you want eliminated. We guarantee our work, and follow up with expert re-checks to make sure everything is working as it should.

Never cheap, but the most economical pest control in all the Sunshine Coast. Call us today for a quote.

The Best Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast

You want only the best for your Sunshine Coast home and business. So don’t scrimp when it comes to pest control. Protect your family, your customers, and your investment with pest control that will keep pests out for good.

With our pest control crews’ years of Sunshine Coast pest control experience and training, that’s just what you’ll get with Suburban. Quality inspections, thorough treatment, and attentive follow-up marks Suburban Pest Management as the best in the area.

Get the best for your home—your business. Find out just how affordable the best can be.

Ask for a pest control quote from the best in the business—Suburban Pest Management.

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"The job was done in no time at a fraction of the price we expected."
Stan Ley

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Nicole Vanderzalm

“Very friendly staff and great service always.”
Peter Jonsson

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