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Effective sports clubs pest control targets all sorts of pests. That includes one pest that likes to rile up a Queenslander, the creepy cockroach. Roaches come in all shapes and sizes from the footballer variety, to the flying insect with its moving antennas.

While we might make fun of all the cockroaches swarming up into Queensland from New South Wales, one of the last things anyone wants to see is a cockroach scurrying under a table while trying to enjoy the leisure and luxury of our sporting clubs.

A sports club, whether it functions as a diverse entertainment facility or a smaller venue, requires regular pest control to keep all sorts of creepy crawlies at bay. And it’s not just the cockroaches that like to congregate in our favourite places. There are other pests too.

Flies, ants, spiders, rats, mice and termites all likely to stop by while we’re enjoying ourselves at our favourite sports clubs. And while we may have little issue with sighting an uninvited guest every now and then, where there’s one, there’s often more just out of sight.

Sports clubs in Brisbane and South-East Queensland have huge entertainment areas that provide perfect conditions for pests to thrive. There’s the pokies, the bars, the kitchens and restaurants, as well as bathroom and changing rooms for entertainers and local sporting heroes.

Because of the range of entertainment areas, from indoors to outdoors, keeping a tab on the pests can be challenging. But there are effective ways for sports clubs to anticipate and control these pests.

Sporting organisations and clubs have legal responsibilities to ensure a safe working environment for all. This includes managing risks such as pests which could potentially spread disease and damage infrastructure. Pests also have a nasty habit of scaring patrons and members away.

Regular inspections are just one step toward reducing risks and safety hazards caused by pests in sports and leagues clubs. Other ways that you can reduce your risk include:

  • Regular pest control treatments
  • Use of electronic monitoring stations
  • Strategic management of pest hot spots
  • Removal of rubbish & cleaning practices

Professional Pest Control For Sports Clubs

Sometimes the biggest challenge for professional pest control services in a sports or leagues club isn’t controlling the pests, but the timing for the delivery of services.

Sports clubs are busy places. They have patrons, supporters and members of the community coming and going for lunch and dinner, and private functions which can be at all times of the day including in the morning...And your club doesn’t stop running, serving people every day of the week.

Convenience shouldn’t stop preventative maintenance occurring in your sports club. Pest control such as inspections and treatments should be conducted regularly. Some clubs prefer an annual audit while others that cater to a regular and active membership prefer more frequent checks.

At Suburban Pest Management we’ve been helping sporting clubs control pests now for almost 30 years, so we’re sensitive to the timing and discreet nature required for the application of our services at your site. We’ll work with you to meet your needs.


We have a HACCP (FOOD SAFETY) system in place and have met the requirements for provision of pest control management services for food processing, manufacturing, and food handling facilities.

We are also ISO9001 certified as we have the systems in place for pest management including residential services, commercial services, termite management and pre-construction.

Preventative Maintenance For Sports Club Pest Prevention

For sports clubs, pest control preventative maintenance should include a regular pest inspection by a licensed operator. Pest inspectors know what to look for when it comes to investigating potential pest problems.

Our inspectors are highly trained to notice even the tiniest trace of a pest invasion. So, we can stop the pest from marching in and becoming a bigger problem.

We also recommend being on the lookout for signs of pests during your daily or weekly health and safety walkthroughs. Add it to your checklists. The last thing you want is for a roach to turn up in someone’s coin cup at the slot machines or as an extra dressing on another person’s salad.

When you have Suburban Pest Management out for your pest inspection and treatment, we’ll treat any noticeable pests. For any commercial premises with one of our Pest Management Plans in place, we offer an all year round service, so if the pests come back so do we.

Working To Provide The Best Pest Control To Sports Clubs

With health and safety such an important issue for commercial businesses, where your sports club has food and recreation facilities, pest control is going to be a significant risk factor. Each time someone comes into your venue, they could be unknowingly transporting bugs inside.

Cardboard boxes and similar containers are amongst the more popular choices for pest stowaways. Not only do boxes make perfect refuge for insects, but the cardboard also makes for a tasty meal.

If you run a sports or leagues club or any type of sporting facility, it’s critical that you remove rubbish and unwanted containers out of kitchens and other areas as soon as practical. Don’t let your commercial waste bins overflow. If you can’t get the lid down, call for it to be emptied.

And it’s not just the kitchens that attract pests. Some venues, especially those with sporting grounds, showers and changing rooms provide ideal moist conditions where pests thrive. And if you leave them unattended, pests can ruin your club’s reputation and carry a high financial cost.

Our regular inspections will advise you on ways to make your sporting clubs less enticing to pests. We’ll point out problem areas and provide advice on best practices to contain and eliminate pests that threaten the enjoyment of your venue.

As well as our monitoring stations, we also provide our customers with an onsite folder and an online customer portal where you can log in and obtain detailed reports and information about our pest inspections for compliance and monitoring of pest behaviour.

Get ahead of the game with Suburban Pest Management

Don’t let the cockroaches and other pests win. With Suburban Pest Management, you can prevent infestations and maintain a professional, clean image for your sporting venue.

Get on top of the risk with a sports clubs pest control company that’s passionate about providing preventative commercial pest management.

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