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Living with possums can be a real challenge. Even though they are very cute, they hiss and grunt, and move around a lot at night. As a result, they can keep you awake throughout the night and into the morning; not to mention they leave a mess in your roof space.

Whilst these shy, little animals would prefer to be sleeping in tree hollows or protected branches, land clearing and the increasing amount of housing estates being established in record time, means that Possums are often left without a home and subsequently find solace within your roof.

Possums will often find their way into your home (to create their new home) via broken roof tiles, lifted iron sheeting or by broken eaves/soffits. They will find comfort within this space (and can even be found between floor voids) particularly during the day where they can usually rest without the risk of predators attacking them (such as dogs, cats and crows etc). Possums are nocturnal animals, therefore they will leave the roof usually around dusk and return to their new found home upon dawn.

How do you remove possums?

The best way to keep these guys out is by checking your roof regularly. If you feel that you may have a Possum living in your roof, the best course of action initially is to have a look around the outside of your roof. Ensure there aren’t any holes or gaps that would allow easy entry. Remember that if you try to proof the areas yourself, you must wait until all Possums have left the roof, to prevent them from being locked in. Should you suspect that you have a resident furry friend, then the best thing to do is call a Professional.

Possums are a protected species and therefore removal and relocation of this animal requires a permit to do so. Our specialised Possum relocation service ensures that the animal is removed carefully and humanely, to ensure it is kept calm and safe at all times. The animal’s welfare is imperative at all times.

We are often asked why we release the animal/s so close to where it was captured, and the simple answer is that they cannot be relocated more than 25 metres from the point of capture (their home/territory). This means it is essential that proofing of the entry point/s is also carried out before release, which we often offer as part of our service. If the area/s are not proofed before release, the Possum/s can often run straight back into the roof.

Once the entry points have been sealed and the Possum/s has been relocated, you can sleep easy (and peacefully) knowing that your resident Possum is no longer coming and going as he pleases and is once again back in his natural habitat.

Our Top 10 Tips for Keeping Possums Away

1. Seal The Entry Points

If you are hearing little foot steps and clawing in your attic, garage, shed, or crawl space underneath your house, chances are you’ve got some sort of animal that’s made it it’s home. No matter what type of critter it is, this preventative measure works for all. Low decks are especially susceptible to be breached by possums if not adequately sealed. Thoroughly inspect your home to identify any possible entry points and close them off to prevent any re-entry.

2. Get Rid of Any Food Scraps

While you may be excellent company to hang around with, possums are likely only after your food and garbage. Getting rid of any potential food sources won’t give them a reason to hang around your backyard. If they’ve found comfort in your home, however, they are likely searching for food elsewhere and relying on your home or shed for a dwelling.

3. Rage in the Cage

Since possums are fairly slow, they are very easy to trap in a cage. One must be wary of their tendency to get aggressive when cornered (like any animal), and it’s best to leave this to a professional who can humanely capture and transport the possums.

4. Scare Them Away

This is one of the most basic pest control tips out there because it works. The vast majority of possums are incredibly aversive to human interaction, so if you see one of them waddling around your backyard, simply making your presence known and warding them off with a stick is enough to get rid of them. If they’ve settled in your home, however, that’s a different story.

5. Call Pest Control

The one-off possum problem every now and then can become very frustrating since if possums are left undisturbed, they may take a kindness to your property and start hanging out more. Outdoor possum problems can be largely handled by removing and garbage and potential food sources, but the indoor ones will require some extra effort. Make the call to a pest control expert to get rid of your possums so you can start taking and executing preventative measures.

6. Get a Good Guard Dog

A good guard dog is enough to keep most intruders far away, but it’s important to give it adequate training. Waking up to a dead and mangled possum courtesy of Fido every other week isn’t a pleasant experience, and pest control is all about removing as much friction and as many annoyances as possible.

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7. Do Not Use Any Form of Repellent Chemical Product

Possums are a protected species, so you must not do anything to harm them.

8. Schedule Regular Pest Control Visits

Having a pest control member on your team can be an invaluable asset in terms of reducing your stress from all pest problems. Scheduling regular and scheduled visits with a pest control expert not only eliminates the actual pest problems, but it gets rid of the stress from having to deal with pest problems in the future.

9. Trim Your Yard

Keeping your grass cut short, bushes trimmed tight, and tree branches trimmed away from your roof are great steps to take to secure your backyard and home from possum invaders.

10. Use Motion Activated Lights or Sprinklers

Having some motion-activated flood lights or sprinklers are an excellent second line of defence for keeping possums away. The lights might do a decent job at scaring off skittish critters, or at the very least illuminating your yard and making you aware of them. Sprinklers, on the other hand, are much more effective.

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