Termites: Your Home’s Worst Enemy

Termites Cause Damage

Termites? Your home’s worst enemy? What about fires, storms, and floods?

Unlike fires, floods, and storms, termites are a hidden enemy. Without knowing they are there, these destructive insects can eat your home from inside out, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Because homeowners rarely see termites, they can prove more dangerous than many of the usual hazards. These shy creatures spend most of their lives underground or inside your home’s timber, eating away at the support structures of your home.

It takes a seasoned professional pest control technician to identify whether your home has a termite infestation. With the damage termites can do to your home, though, it pays to have regular termite inspections. Learn more about how to deal with this subtle six-legged threat to your home from the Brisbane and SE-Qld area’s top termite control experts at Suburban Pest.

  • Termites pose a huge threat to Brisbane homes and businesses.
  • Professional termite inspections are the only way to know if your home has a termite infestation.
  • Termite baits and barriers keep termites from getting into your home.
  • Australian building codes require termite prevention and treatment in key areas in all buildings.
  • Keep termites out with professional termite management systems from a licensed termite control professional.

Termites in Queensland Damage Homes and Businesses

Signs of termites, Queensland pest control experts know, can be hard to see with the naked eye. With their team of skilled pest control technicians and high-tech detection equipment, Suburban Pest Management can find even the smallest infestations.

Yet these often unseen pests can cause more damage to Queensland homes than fires, floods, and storms. These tiny, soft-bodied insects build a colony and can travel underground in search of timber—termites’ favourite food.

Termites can even build nests inside the wall cavity of your Brisbane home or office, particularly if there is moisture trapped there. From there, they destroy your walls, your beams, your roofing timbers and more as they eat their way to find even more food.

Ever wondered what termites sound like? They make a crackling noise. Here them here on our video.

Because they groom each other and live in close proximity to each other, pest control companies can use baits and other chemicals that these insects pass on to each other to kill them, eventually destroying the entire colony.

The sooner you get a termite inspection the better, though. Consider this: a termite queen can lay over two thousand eggs a day. Do the math—and then call Suburban Pest Management. You don’t want those babies anywhere near the timber in your home or business. 

Professional Termite Inspections Find Signs of Termites

Many of the most common termites in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas build their nests in the lovely trees that surround your building or in the ground, forming hills. Then, they march into your home, attacking timber structures in most areas first.

A common misconception is where there's black ants, you won't find termites. Watch the video below from the owner of Suburban Pest Management, Tom Aldridge, who explains how sometimes termites and ants build their colonies next to each other.


That’s why a thorough professional termite inspection is necessary for buildings in the Brisbane area. At Suburban Pest Management, we examine every surface inside and outside your home, including stumps and trees, looking for these common pests.

If you see flying termites, Brisbane pest professionals know, you already have an established colony. Call us right away to rid your property of these pests once and for all.

In the hands of our well-trained technicians, our precise detection equipment can locate these pests before it’s too late. If you haven’t had your home inspected for termites in a while, it’s time to give us a call.

Australian Building Codes Require Queensland Termite Protections

Billy PreCon

Because the Queensland area is so vulnerable to termite attacks, the BCA (Building Code of Australia) requires that certain parts of buildings be treated for termite infestations. They include:

  • Structural elements, such as framing for roofs and floors
  • Window reveals and frames
  • Door jambs
  • Skirting and architraves

The code also requires that you post two copies of your termite management notice on your property. This notice, available only from licensed professionals, like those at Suburban Pest, stated pertinent information, such as the methods, dates, chemicals used, and the recommendations for future inspections.

For that reason, it’s important to set up a termite management system for your Gold Coast or Brisbane home as soon as possible. The BCA recommends that you follow up termite treatments with a licensed pest controller on a yearly basis.

Eliminate Termite Infestations with Suburban Pest Management Expert Team

Paul treating termite

To overcome the types of termites common to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you need an experienced, licensed pest control company that knows the area well. With countless inspections performed, our well-equipped team of technicians use motion detectors and thermal imaging cameras to detect any termites that may be on your property.

Then we go to work to eliminate them from your home. We’ll deploy baits, barriers, and other methods—whatever it takes—to get and keep your home or business termite-free. Affordable, yet effective, our system is second to none when it comes to eliminating termite infestations in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.

Termite Maintenance Programs Help Property Owners in Brisbane Conquer Termites

Captos termite in a bookshelf Suburban Pest Management

Not only do we eliminate the termites from your property, but we provide long-term protection from them through our effective termite management systems. Barriers provide the longest-term protection from the creatures, particularly if you’ve had a previous infestation.

Don’t risk termites eating out your buildings’ timber structures until they’re no longer able to support your home. Our knowledgeable termite inspectors and technicians will help rid your property of these destructive pests once and for all with a termite maintenance program that keeps termites out, long after the initial infestation is destroyed.

Why You Should Trust Suburban Pest with Your Termite Control Program

Our technicians and termite control inspectors have years of experience dealing with the types of termite infestations most common to the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. Licensed and insured, they have earned the confidence not only of our customers but also that of the area’s local conveyancers and lenders.

Our proven termite control system starts with an inspection—and ends with the termites gone from your property, never to return.

Peace of mind. It’s priceless. Schedule your termite inspection with the caring pest control professionals at Suburban Pest Management today.

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