Mosquito Control: How the Experts Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are a problem all over the globe, and in many places, they cause considerable illness and a number of deaths. In Queensland, according to Queensland Health, mosquitoes commonly transmit several serious diseases affecting humans including Ross River Fever Virus, Barmah Forest Virus, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis and even Zika Virus.

They are a pest in Southeast Queensland and cause a health threat to humans and livestock which is why we recommend getting professional help from us.

About Mosquitoes

Check out this video from our Not-So-Fun Facts series where Tom Aldridge, the owner of Suburban Pest Management gives an insight into Mosquitoes in a fun and entertaining way.

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Adult mosquitoes reach a length of about 3 – 6mm and thrive around water.

Mosquitoes are most active around dawn and dusk and are attracted to you by the Carbon Dioxide in your breath. They love to live under things like tables, foliage, and other stored items around the home.

Common Mosquito Types Found in Southeast Queensland

The Brisbane City Council’s website states that there are three types of mosquitoes that they target:

  • Saltmarsh mosquitoes (Aedes vigilax) –they breed in mangrove habitats around the Brisbane area, they hatch after heavy rain, and they show aggressive biting behaviour
  • Freshwater-breeding mosquitoes (Culex annulirostris) – the breed in shallow freshwater pools, they are the most abundant freshwater mosquito in Southeast Queensland, and they are a carrier of Ross River Fever
  • Container-breeding mosquitoes (Aedes notoscriptus) – is the most common breed found in backyards in Brisbane and surrounds as it breeds in stagnant water
Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) - a container-breeding mosquito commonly found in SE-Qld

Tips to Deal with Mosquitoes

One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away is to minimise the areas where they breed and lay their eggs around your home.

Some tips to control mosquitoes and make the most out of summer activities:

  1. Get rid of any stagnant water – take the water out of any old flowerpots, rain gutters, buckets, or bird baths etc where mosquitoes could be breeding, laying their eggs, and where their larvae mature.
  2. Use repellent – when outdoors use mosquito repellent
  3. Stay indoors around dawn and dusk – as these are the times when mosquitoes are most active

Mosquitoes are annoying and cause an itchy sting when they bite. Some people suffer from allergic reactions.

Some tips to help relieve the itchiness from mosquito bites:

  1. Apply crushed ice – ice will relieve the itchiness but don’t leave it on the skin for anything longer than 5 minutes as it can damage the skin
  2. Apply aloe vera – a gel form is available at any chemist and when applied to the skin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to help heal minor wounds and infections

If you experience fever, feel ill, or experience a headache, you need to seek medical advice.

Suburban’s Mosquito Pest Control Service

At Suburban Pest Management, mosquitoes are a pest we deal with regularly and they can be very irritating. We treat mosquito infestations for both domestic and commercial properties.

The treatment will vary depending on the type of property. Treating a small urban block is quite different from a rural property.

There are several treatment options to kill mosquitoes.

Suburban Pest Management's treatment for mosquitoes includes:

  1. A chemical application to the outside of the building, to the surrounding foliage, and fences (if close to the building)
  2. Focusing on shaded areas and/or areas where mosquitoes are likely to sit or breed, including under patio furniture etc.

We cannot prevent mosquitoes from continuing to breed and returning, particularly as they can come from a neighbouring property. Monthly or quarterly services may be needed for high-risk properties.

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