Termidor HE - The Next Level of Termite Management

There are many options for termite treatments out there, and for best results, you need to make sure you choose a reliable pest company who uses the best quality termite chemicals on the market.

Suburban Pest Management has been using Termidor from BASF for more than 15 years now. Since BASF released Termidor into the Australian market in 2002, it has become the leading termite control product on the market. Unlike other chemicals, Termidor has undergone extensive testing and has proven its effectiveness. It is undoubtedly the best product we have ever used, until now. BASF recently released an updated version, Termidor High-Efficiency or HE.

Termidor HE has now received registration from the Australian Pesticides Authority and is approved for use throughout Australia.

Termidor HE - Advanced Polymer Technology

Termidor HE uses the same proven active ingredient it has always used, with the added benefit of an advanced polymer technology. Its unique ‘transfer effect’ means termites unknowingly come into contact with the chemical and pass it to others through contact. Termidor HE's advanced polymer technology is even more effective and longer lasting as it spreads further in the soil than past products, and binds strongly to organic matter in the soil.

Termidor HE

Fewer holes than previously (every 450 millimetres instead of every 200 millimetres) are needed to be drilled for treatment beneath surfaces such as concrete mean less disruption to your home. This is of major benefit for tiles, as holes can be placed in grout lines meaning less impact on aesthetics.

As quoted by Dr. David Elmouttie Technical Specialist, BASF Professional and Specialty Solutions on the BASF website, “Termidor HE is truly an industry breakthrough… while still delivers the unmatched protection of Termidor”.

Suburban Pest Management has Local Knowledge and Expertise

You may be able to find cheaper termite treatments out there on the market, but these will use cheap repellent chemicals which lack potency, which can result in repeat infestations.

Suburban Pest Management has an extensive knowledge of what treatments work best in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast climates, and only uses the very best in chemical treatment technology. Suburban Pest Management is the only company you should trust to protect your property.

Suburban Pest Management is one of only a handful of pest managers in Queensland certified and accredited with BASF. As such, BASF offers a warranty on all Termidor treatments carried out by SPM.

If you would like to know more about Termidor HE, you can go the Safety Data Sheet page of our website and download the Product Safety Sheet.

For more information on Termidor HE, or if you want to know more about how we can protect your home from termite attack simply give us a call or inquire online today we look forward to hearing from you and keeping your home pest free.

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