Pest Control for Food Production Facilities

Pest Control for Food Production Facilities

A lot of food businesses come to us after failing an audit or having an ongoing pest issue (that would cause a non-compliance) simply because their current pest control company wasn’t able to do the job properly. 

We understand the specific requirements for pest management in food production facilities. We work closely with Food Safety Managers to ensure both parties meet food safety standards and mitigate any risks of a pest infestation into the future.

SPM Technician applying pest treatment at a food business

Our Pest Management Plan for Food Industry Businesses:

  1. Conduct a thorough inspection of your site using our unique Detailed Pest Assessment (DPA) method and discuss with you any site-specific risks and challenges
  2. Design an Integrated Pest Management plan to support the business’s Food Safety Program which will detail the systematic implementation of a combination of the safest, effective processes and methods for pest prevention, monitoring and control
  3. Provide a quality service using products, chemicals, equipment, and procedures that meet with safety standards and site requirements
  4. Provide training to site staff
  5. Measure and report effectiveness i.e., service reports, problems solved and progress
  6. Build a long-term relationship through frequent two-way communication and training

Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM)

Suburban Pest Management recommends implementing an integrated pest management plan or IPM, which is a preventative, long-term solution. While an IPM requires a coordinated effort to implement properly, our on-site monitoring and reporting services provide effective pest control solutions. An IPM:

  • Reduces the amount of chemicals used around employees and customers
  • Reduces the risk of the deterioration of buildings and other assets from the use of chemicals
  • Seeks to understand the pest species and numbers present at a site
  • Allows for greater control over and knowledge of pest activity.

Rather than be surprised by a pest infestation, electronic pest monitoring stations and reporting allows you to proactively assess and address pest control in your facility with time-sensitive solutions.

Our pest control solutions include an online customer portal, electronic pest monitoring stations and an onsite folder that contains all the information you need for an integrated pest management plan that focuses on prevention, early detection and control.


We have a HACCP (FOOD SAFETY) system in place and have met the requirements for provision of pest control management services for food processing, manufacturing, and food handling facilities.

We are also ISO9001 certified as we have the systems in place for pest management including residential services, commercial services, termite management and pre-construction.

Pest Control Industry Code of Practice

Suburban Pest Management is a licensed Pest Management company, and we comply with the Industry Code of Practice. As such, we have a responsibility to:

  • Comply with the Workplace Health & Safety and Welfare Act in Queensland
  • Comply with all regulations that apply to pest management
  • Apply pesticides in accordance with the product label directions and industry and government approvals
  • Keep records of pesticides applied
  • Hold current policies for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

See Food Safety Standards on the Codes of Practice page on the AEPMA website here

So, to experience the SPM difference, we are offering you a free Pest Assessment, where we will come to your premises and provide you with commercial pest control solutions specifically designed for your business. Book online now, request a quote, or give us a call.

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