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If you’ve found the perfect home, yet feeling a little hesitant to sink so much money into your purchase, join the crowd. It’s natural to feel a bit of anxiety over such a large purchase. But part of that anxiety comes from not knowing the condition of that home.

Building and Pest inspections take most of that risk out of the equation, freeing you to evaluate the home on its other merits—location, number of rooms, floor plan, and amenities.

Before you make an offer, call Suburban Pest Management to arrange for a building and pest inspection. Pest and building inspections are well worth the time and money.

  • Professional pest inspections identify hidden insect and rodent infestations, as well as the damage they have already caused.
  • Pre-purchase pest inspections can save you money and grief when you buy a new home or business building.
  • Pre-purchase building inspections identify hidden structural problems that could mean huge repair bills in the future.
  • Pre-sale building and pest inspections can help you get top dollar for your property.
  • Regular pest inspections keep your real estate investment safe and sound.

Only Professional Pest Inspections Can Detect Hidden Pests

Pest inspections detect pests

Professional pest inspections by Suburban Pest Management assure you that your potential home will undergo a thorough top-to-bottom pest check before you buy. Our expert professional pest inspectors have years of experience that help them find hidden insect and rodent infestations that only a trained eye can detect.

Our inspectors’ knowledge of the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast areas and pests allow them to look for the most common types of pests found in this region. Unfortunately, many of these pests don’t always leave a ‘calling card’ that buyers can see as they walk around the home.

Termites, for instance, live and hide in the timber structures of the home. Sometimes they are hard to see even by the homeowner, let alone a potential buyer. Cockroaches, too, are nocturnal, and sometimes difficult to detect. Our professional pest inspections will find these pests and identify what damage they have already done to the home or commercial building.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections Save You Money, Give You Peace of Mind

Pre-purchase inspections uncover kitchen pests

Before you buy a home, you need to learn if the structure has an active pest infestation. Our expert timber inspectors will use the latest pest detection equipment as per Australian standards to inspect the property.

With infrared scanners, bionic listening devices, termite motion sensors, and moisture meters, our technicians will check every square centimetre of the property for pest infestations that can cause you huge expenditures down the road. We check:

  • All of the rooms in the building from floor to ceiling, door and window frames, moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens, in-built fit-outs
  • The sub-floor and underlying structures, including the foundations, crawlspace, deck, cellar, and any timber that the owner has stored inside
  • The roof void, including eaves, trusses, beams, rafters, skylights, vents, gutters, and downpipes
  • The exterior of the home, for tiny cracks that allow pests to enter, the trees and shrubbery around the home, any stored timber, tree stumps, fences, walls, and other landscaping features

Our thorough pest inspections are second to none—and will locate any pest infestations that may cost you big money in the future, should you buy the home. After we finish, the pest inspector will inform you about any pest activity, pest-caused damage, and what type of treatment you may need if you still decide to purchase the property.

We’ll also give you an easy-to-understand written report, including photos and the estimated cost to fix the damage and treat the infestation if there is one. That way, if you still want the property, you can figure those figures into your offer.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Identify Structural, Mechanical Problems

Besides a pest inspection, you also should consider pre-purchase building inspections for any homes on your short list. Without an expert’s knowledge of a building’s structural and mechanical condition, you may miss key areas that will cost you tons of money down the road.

Suburban Pest Management can arrange for a pre-purchase building inspection to make sure the building is in as good a condition as the seller claims. The building inspection can take place at the same time as your pest inspection, saving you time.

With this thorough pre-purchase inspection, you can know upfront what repairs you may need to make, so you can get an accurate idea of what you’ll have to spend if you buy the property.

Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspections Can Get You More from Your Property

Get more for your property with pre-sale inspections

Sellers, too, should consider having both a pest and a building inspection before they put their property on the market. In the competitive Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast markets, buyers will find any excuse to give you a low offer or simply walk away.

With a building and pest inspection, you can forestall buyer objections with a property that will pass the buyer’s pre-purchase inspection with flying colours. Don’t leave money on the table, when a few repairs and a pest treatment can get you way more.

Regular Pest Inspections Help Your Property Investment Retain Value

Once you’re in a new home, schedule regular pest inspections to keep your building and land in tip-top shape. That way, if you ever want to resell or refinance, you’ll have a great start on passing any inspections required by your bank, lender, or those of potential buyers.

Trust Suburban Pest Management for Quality Pest and Building Inspections

Our pest control inspectors are experts in their field who put your interests first. Experienced, courteous, and respectful, our staff give you a first-rate service. The area’s finest conveyancers and lenders recommend us because they know our work.

We’re fully insured, licensed, and ready to help you as you prepare to buy, sell, or lease a property with a thorough pest or building inspection. Contact the pest control professionals at Suburban for your inspection today.

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