Commercial Pest Control: Why Thriving Businesses in Brisbane Choose Us

We are Pest Management Experts in Commercial Pest Control

Suburban Pest Management is a family-owned pest control company with almost 30 years' experience in the commercial pest control industry. We are located on the north side of Brisbane and as such we are experts in the pest issues that are faced in the South-East Queensland vicinity.

We have commercial clients right across South-East Queensland including Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast including Caloundra.

Our technicians are experienced and qualified. They receive the highest levels of training in the industry, which means you can have complete confidence in our technicians’ ability to get the job done properly every visit.

A Commercial Pest Control Company that Understands You

Many businesses come to us after being let down by a large multinational company who made promises they then couldn’t deliver. Often these larger companies lack flexibility in their commercial pest control services or don’t take the time to understand their clients’ needs.

We get to know our clients to understand their businesses and what they need from a commercial pest control company. We take time to thoroughly inspect your premises and speak with you about characteristics of your business and industry and the challenges you face.

We are large enough to offer the same quality assurance of a multinational, yet small enough to have flexibility and the personalised feel of a small business. This means you can rest easy knowing that our relationship is based on our performance and reliability, not on you being stuck with us.

Our Client Portal Keeps You Updated

We have invested in systems and processes. Over time, we have developed a way of tailoring our pest control treatments using our Detailed Pest Assessment. Our DPA includes a thorough inspection of the property for not just signs of pest problems but to look for conducive conditions that can encourage pests as well. 

We also offer a secure Client Portal for Commercial Clients which stores all your important information from each pest service so you can stay completely up to date. We encourage two-way communication as the portal allows clients to add notes, comments, or questions.


We have a HACCP (FOOD SAFETY) system in place and have met the requirements for provision of pest control management services for food processing, manufacturing, and food handling facilities.

Haccp food safety certification

We are also ISO9001 certified as we have the systems in place for pest management including residential services, commercial services, termite management and pre-construction.

ISO 9001 Quality certified

Our Effective Commercial Pest Control Services

Our pest technicians are trained by experienced industry experts and receive the highest level of training. This ensures we are capable of carrying out the most complex pest control treatments with ease.

Commercial Pest Control for Food Production Facilities including Restaurants and Cafes

Commercial pest control in food production facilities

We understand the specific requirements for pest management in food production. We work closely with Food Safety Managers to ensure both parties meet food safety standards and mitigate any risks of a pest infestation into the future.

We are HACCP accredited and can assist you to remain compliant with food handling requirements and keep your premises pest free for good.

For more detailed information about how we help food production facilities, restaurants, and cafes, visit our Pest Control for Food Production Facilities page.

Commercial Pest Management for Property Managers and Body Corporates

Commercial Pest Management for Property Managers and Body Corporates

Suburban is the number one trusted name in property management pest control in the South-East Queensland area. Our prices are value for money, and our service well beyond what other pest control firms do for their customers.

At Suburban Pest Management, we don’t just focus on eliminating pests from your property. We intend to prevent them from entering your property in the first place. We start with a thorough inspection, treat any existing infestations, and then design a program that keeps pests out for as long as you want the service. Your tenants will thank you—and refer their friends and colleagues for your effective property pest management.

See more info on our Pest Control for Property Management page.

Commercial Pest Control for Hospitals and Surgeries

Commercial Pest Control Helps Hospitals

Doctors’ surgeries and hospitals need a sterile, sanitary working environment. No amount of hand sanitizer or bleach, though, can cleanse their premises of pests.

These pests can contaminate materials and examination rooms. For these types of businesses and not-for-profits, a proactive commercial pest management programme is essential to providing patients with optimum care.

Suburban Pest Management will eliminate any pests already on the premises and set up an integrated pest management programme to proactively treat to avoid any new infestations.

Pest Control for Schools

Pest Control for Schools and Academic Institutions

Aside from being disruptive, pest infestations can spread disease, decrease student attendance, and do harm to school property including student records, library books and building structures. As well, schools are the perfect place for pests to hitch a ride out into the wider community.

Aside from the pest management of school buildings, Suburban’s services cover your whole school. We inspect and treat ovals, playgrounds, gyms, and other facilities. Most common pests found in schools are rodents, termites and birds, but SPM treats a range of other pests also common in schools, including cockroaches, silverfish, ants, mosquitos, flies, fleas and spiders.

When your school uses Suburban Pest Management, you can relax knowing your children are safe from harmful pesticides. With a school integrated pest management plan and our reporting and monitoring services, your school is taking a proactive stand against the pests.

For more detailed information, visit our Pest Control for Schools page.

Pest Control for Offices

Office pest control

You want your office to be elegant and welcoming to current and potential customers, not to pests. In fact, a customer who sees a mouse scurry out of your wastebasket or a spider web in the corner of the manager's office will probably make a beeline for your competitor.

To avoid this happening at your office, call us at Suburban Pest Management. Our reputation with our commercial customers has earned many positive reviews over the years. Join these satisfied, pest-free businesses. Contact Suburban for pest control that keeps your offices pest-free.

Pest Control for Hotels and Motels

Brisbane hotels stay pest free-with pest control

Commercial pest control is important for hotels and motels. Bed bugs can be very difficult to get under control. Rodents, ants, and cockroaches, who love to lap up the crumbs left by guests who eat in their rooms are all exasperating problems.

Suburban Pest Management provides hotels and motels with a year-round pest management programme to check for pests, eliminate those we find, and keep the premises pest free through safe, efficient products.

Pest Control For Industrial Facilities

Pest Control For Industrial Facilities

Imagine your best customer opening your latest shipment only to find a family of mice nesting in the rack of garments or inside the ordered car parts. Yet every time you open your doors, you risk pests entering your facility along with your guests.

The only way to effectively manage pests in an industrial setting where people and goods come and go is with a commercial pest control program. At Suburban, you can count on us for a thorough inspection, where we comb through every nook and cranny of your facility to find evidence of pests.

If we find them, we treat your premises with safe, effective products that won’t hurt your products or your workers but will eliminate the pests and keep them out for as long as we service your facility.

Pest Control for Childcare Centres

Pest Control for Childcare Centres

An effective childcare centre pest control management plan minimises disruption to learning and physical activities. It also prevents the spread of pests from the centre into the community and family homes.

The products we use for childcare centre pest control services are safe for children, educators and our technicians with no known reactions when used correctly.

Suburban uses comprehensive inspection methods, treatments and rechecks to keep your centre pest and vermin free. We only employ best practices in pest control policies and procedures.

For more information, visit our Pest Control for Childcare Centres page.

Pest Control for Sports Clubs

Pest Control for Sports Clubs

Because of the range of entertainment areas, from indoors to outdoors, keeping a tab on the pests can get challenging. But there are effective ways for sports clubs to anticipate and control these insects and vermin from coming in to terrorise patrons and staff.

At Suburban Pest Management we’ve been helping sporting clubs control pests now for over 25 years, so we’re sensitive to the timing and discreet nature required for the application of our services at your site. We’ll work with you to meet your needs.

For more information, see the Pest Control for Sports Clubs page on our website.

Pest Control for Shopping Centres

Pest Control for Shopping Centres

Suburban’s team of pest controllers are fully trained and experienced in the control of pests in large commercial premises including shopping centres. It’s critical to deliver fast and effective, but discreet services to a variety of tenancies including food and retail, to minimise the impact pests have on your business.

For more information about how we can help shopping centres with pest control and pest management, see the Pest Control for Shopping Centres page on our website.

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