Commercial Pest Control Brisbane & The Gold Coast

If you’re a business owner in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area, the last thing you want in your facility is a pest infestation. Commercial pest control gives you the edge over these pests.

Whether it’s bed bugs in hotel beds, flies in your restaurant’s signature dish, or a cockroach running across the floor in your office, pests contaminate your premises and ruin your business’s image. Here’s how Suburban’s commercial pest control program can help your business or not-for-profit regain control.

You see, the reason pests flock to this area is that it’s an ideal climate for them. Mild weather combined with moist ocean breezes—it’s like paradise for bugs, rodents, and other pests.

If you have a hotel or restaurant, chances are it’s not only your customers who enjoy a lovely holiday at your place of business. Hidden in the cracks and crevices of your rooms and storage facilities may be whole families of pests enjoying the good life.

Property managers can take a real hit when their tenants see fleas in the carpet or evidence of wood-eating insects, such as termites.

Brisbane and Gold Coast industrial facilities and offices, too, are vulnerable to pests. The constant in-and-out of goods and customers allows pests to sneak into your doors, set up shop, and take over your workplace.

Doctors’ surgeries and hospitals keep everything sanitary and squeaky-clean, but when pests invade, contamination happens. It pays to have a commercial pest control program that takes a proactive approach to controlling pests.

It’s time to give these business-destroying pests an eviction notice. Here’s how Suburban’s commercial pest control programme can help your business or not-for-profit regain control.

With our commercial pest elimination programme, pests won’t be welcome back. We’ll set up effective pest control that earns rave reviews from these businesses and more:

  • Property managers and body corporates
  • Hospitals and surgeries
  • Offices
  • Schools and Government departments
  • Restaurants and food production facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Industrial facilities


We have a HACCP (FOOD SAFETY) system in place and have met the requirements for provision of pest control management services for food processing, manufacturing, and food handling facilities.


We are also ISO9001 certified as we have the systems in place for pest management including residential services, commercial services, termite management and pre-construction.


Commercial Pest Management for Property Managers and Body Corporates

Commercial properties managed by body corporates, as well as apartment and condominium complexes managed by property managers, share several common responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to keep these properties safe and free from contamination.

After our initial inspection, we treat the premises for whatever pests we find. With our commercial pest control programme, we offer the client a one- to six-month warranty. During that time, if their tenants have any problems, they can contact Suburban, and we will take care of any follow-up pest control visits they need.

Commercial Pest Control for Hospitals and Surgeries

Commercial Pest Control Helps Hospitals

Doctors and hospitals pride themselves on a sterile, sanitary working environment. No amount of hand sanitizer or bleach, though, can cleanse their premises of pests.

These pests, who can sneak in when a door opens to let in a patient, can contaminate materials and examination rooms. For these types of businesses and not-for-profits, a proactive commercial pest management program is essential to providing patients optimum care.

Suburban Pest Management will set you up with a program that will eliminate any pests already on the premises and set up a programme to treat proactively to avoid any new infestations.

One of our largest group of clients is property managers such as real estates and body corporate companies. The reason for this is that we make it so easy for them. After our initial contact, we follow it through with the tenant or owner. We do everything we can to make it easy for our client.

Office Pest Control that Earns Rave Reviews

Office pest control

You want your office to be elegant and welcoming to current and potential customers, not to pests. In fact, a customer who sees a mouse scurry out of your wastebasket or a spider web in the corner of the VP’s office will probably make a beeline for your competitor.

To avoid that, call Suburban Pest Management. Their reputation among their commercial customers has earned many positive reviews over the years. Join these satisfied, pest-free businesses. Contact Suburban for pest control that keeps your offices pest-free.

Schools and Government Departments’ Best Pest Control

Schools’ best pest control

With the volume of students and citizens who pass through their doors, government departments and schools need an effective pest control programme. After all, their job is to care for their clients and pupils, not to put them at risk for pest-borne illnesses.

With Suburban’s thorough methods from inspection all the way through treatment and rechecks, you’ll find that our well-trained technicians provide the best pest control in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. We can make your campus or building pest free—and keep it that way—guaranteed!

Commercial Pest Management for Restaurants and Food Production Facilities

Commercial pest management for restaurants

Just like hospitals, restaurants and food production facilities need to adhere to strict sanitation standards. That means no trace of pest contamination on any inspectors’ reports.

But herein lies the rub. If pests sneak in the door with your customers, how can you keep your premises completely pest-free?

The answer? A commercial pest management programme that takes a proactive approach. First, we’ll inspect your facility to see if you have an active infestation. Then, we’ll either treat the infestation or recommend a pest preventative programme. Either way, we’ll check to make sure that your place is pest-free for as long as we service it.

Brisbane and Gold Coast Hotels and Motels Stay Pest-Free with Suburban Pest Management

Brisbane hotels stay pest free-with pest control

Commercial pest control is especially needed for hotels and motels. Bed bugs can be an exasperating problem, as can rodents, ants, and cockroaches, who love to lap up the crumbs left by guests who eat in their rooms.

To nip this problem in the bud, Suburban Pest Management provides hotels and motels with a year-round programme to check for pests, eliminate those we find, and keep the premises pest free through safe, efficient baits and barriers.

Contact us today to see what our expert team of pest inspectors and technicians can do for your Brisbane or Gold Coast motel or hotel.

Industrial Facilities Need Commercial Pest Management

Commercial pest management for industrial facilities

Imagine your best customer opening your latest shipment only to find a family of mice nesting in the rack of garments or inside the ordered car parts. Yet every time you open your doors, you risk pests entering your facility along with your guests.

The only way to effectively manage pests in an industrial setting where people and goods come and go is with a commercial pest control program. At Suburban, you can count on us for a thorough inspection, where we comb through every nook and cranny of your facility to find evidence of pests.

If we find them, we treat your premises with safe, effective chemicals and barriers that won’t hurt your products or your workers, but will eliminate the pests and keep them out for as long as we service your facility.

Get the Best Commercial Pest Control Today

Don’t risk losing sales on accidental pest contamination. Call Suburban Pest Management and take a proactive approach with our commercial pest control programme.

You won’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your employees or products. Why should that be different in your approach to pest control?

Contact Suburban Pest Management for the best commercial pest control available in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area.

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