Pest Control Keeps Your Property Pest-Free

With the help of the team of experts at Suburban Pest Management, you can have an efficient, yet safe pest control program that can keep your home and business pest-free. Our inspectors and technicians provide pest control services, including termite protection, to businesses and homes in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast areas.

When you hire a pest control or termite control service from Suburban, you can count on a team that keeps up with the latest developments in the pest removal field. With years of experience and continual learning, our field personnel can identify and remove all the termites and other pests that complicate your life.

If you are specifically looking for a termite treatment, we have a special offer so please visit out Termites page for more details.

Don’t Risk Pest-Borne Diseases And Allergies

Avoid pest-borne disease with pest control

You want to keep your business and home free from germs and allergens. Your family and customers, after all, are your top priority. Pests, such as mosquitoes, rats, mice, possums, cockroaches, and bedbugs carry a variety of diseases.

Furthermore, dander and droppings from pests also can trigger allergies in sensitive people.. Don’t risk your safety or that of your household and guests. Call Suburban Pest Management for an inspection and estimate to learn how you can avoid those kinds of pest-borne health risks.

Don’t Risk Property Damage Caused By Pests

When you don’t have an adequate pest control program, you risk damage to your property. Though nearly everyone knows about the damage termites can do to the timber structures in your home, you may not know about the other pests that can cause property damage.

Wood-boring beetles can also cause hidden damage to your home or business. Like termites, you cannot see these pests until they emerge as flying beetles. By that time, they have already burrowed into the timber structures of your home or business.

Carpet beetles and clothes moths can cause damage to the fabrics in your home or office. Pantry moths can infest your staple goods, rendering them not fit to eat. Whether it’s the clothes you wear, the upholstery on your furniture, the food you eat, or the carpet underfoot, you need to protect the contents or your business or home with adequate pest control.

At Suburban Pest Management, we provide the following pest elimination services:

  • Residential pest control
  • Commercial pest control
  • Industrial pest control

Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control keeps pests away

Pest control for your home is a year-round endeavour. No matter what the season, pests seek out the protected environment of your home for easy access to water, food, and shelter.

Before they do significant damage, putting your family, guests, and your home itself at risk, call us for a pest inspection. Our highly trained technicians will locate and identify termites and other pests on your home’s interior, exterior, and grounds.

Once we identify the pests, we’ll recommend pest control products that can clear out the pests without risking your home or the environment. Not only are our products environmentally friendly and compliant with Government requirements, these non-toxic or low toxicity chemicals also pose no risk to you or your family’s or pets’ health.

Residential Pest Control Plans

We’ll also recommend a pest control program that can keep pests from coming back. We offer a wide range of plans, from a quarterly (four times a year) pest control program to a fortnightly pest protection service.

Inside your home, we’ll treat the perimeter and its skirting boards, your drains, kitchen, and roof void. Outside, we’ll set up a pesticide barrier to keep pests from ever gaining access to your home.

Call us for a quote today and rid your home once and for all of bothersome, dangerous pests.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control protects businesses

Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast-area businesses know to call Suburban Pest Management for complete pest elimination services that keep pests away from your office, restaurant, hotel, or school. Don’t risk turning off customers, employees, or students with pests crawling around your office floor, dining area, break room, or bathrooms.

Instead, hire commercial pest control services from Suburban to take care of your problems. We work with businesses large and small to keep pests away from your business.

After we identify and treat for pests in all your buildings, we’ll set you up with a plan that will work with your budget, yet keep pests away with safe, efficient products that won’t harm you, your customers, or your employees.

Inside and out, we’ll treat your premises on a regular basis. Choose from quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, or fortnightly services that will keep the creepy crawlies at bay.

Don’t put up ants, mice, spiders, or cockroaches at your workplace. Call us today for a budget-friendly quote to keep customers in and pests out.

Industrial Pest Control

Industrial pest control protects businesses

Whatever product you manufacture, the last thing you want is for your customer to find a bug in the box when they open the package. Keep your work and break areas free with safe, effective industrial pest control services from Suburban.

After we inspect your facilities and discover which pests are there, we’ll set you up with an environmentally responsible solution that will eliminate these pesky creatures. Then, we’ll recommend a yearly program that will keep your facility free from pests all year long.

No matter what your budget, we can provide customised, efficient industrial pest control for you, so you’ll never have to worry about your customers’ or employees’ safety. Your facility will be pest-free for as long as you keep up with your programme

Get Fast Relief From Your Pest And Termite Problems With Suburban Pest Management

At Suburban Pest Management, we get the pests out of your home or business pronto. We use the safest possible pesticides that work quickly to eliminate pests. Our yearly pest control service plans are affordable and effective. We’ll even send you a reminder every year to renew your protection.

Whether you’re an investor, homeowner, business owner, or a not-for-profit executive, you owe it to yourself to have safe, efficient relief from all your pest problems.

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