Spiders: Common Species Found in SE-Queensland

Controlling Spiders

From the kitchen you hear, “Aaaaggghhhh!” You run to investigate, thinking that one of your family members is facing a zombie apocalypse, only to find your family member frozen on the spot staring, speaking in jibberish, and pointing to a spider!

Spiders get a bad wrap as some people are absolutely traumatised by them, and many others are apprehensive and fearful of them. South-East Queensland has its fair share of venomous spiders, but there are also far more species which are completely harmless.

In warmer weather, and particularly in the warm humid conditions in South-East Queensland, pests in general, and certainly spiders, are more plentiful.

Different species demonstrate different behaviours and can be found in different habitats around your home. Some spin webs, some don’t. Some you might find up high in the corner of a room, others running across the wall or floor, while others in the middle of a sticky web in the garden.

Common Spider Species Found in South-East Queensland

There are many spider species and variants found in South-East Queensland but the three listed here are very common web spiders:


Redback Spider | Image courtesy of Bio-Medical Sciences Lab at Uni of Melbourne

Redback spiders build webs under ledges and garden shrubs fairly low to the ground. One of the key characteristics of redback spiders is that they have very messy webs. They like shady spots in warm weather conditions. They are not generally found inside the house. They are fairly small, black, and the females have the famous red mark on their bodies. The venom of the female can cause death or severe illness and the bite causes severe pain. Never try and get rid of these spiders by yourself, always contact a professional pest control technician.

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs Spider | Image courtesy of Australian Geographic

Daddy Long Legs spin thin tangled webs which can be found in upper corners of rooms. Their distinguishing feature is their very long legs. One of their characteristics is that when the web is disturbed, the female shakes violently. They produce a venom which was once believed to be the most venomous of all spiders but this has been proven as a myth. They do produce a venom but it is not as venomous as once believed, and produced in such small quantities as to not be harmful to humans.

Golden Orb

Golden Orb Spider | Image courtesy of Find-a-Spider Guide

Golden Orb spiders spin big yellow very strong sticky webs between trees or poles in the garden, which they use to capture insects. You will definitely know it when you walk into their webs! They are not aggressive, nor harmful to humans.

Other types of spiders commonly found in South-East Queensland include Huntsman, Funnelweb, Trapdoor, and Tarantula.

What to Do if You Have a Spider Infestation

If you find a few spiders of the same species around your home within a short space of time, you might have an infestation. Spiders produce offspring at an alarming rate, so you should have your home checked by a qualified pest control technician.

DIY spray insecticides from the supermarket will kill the spider, but they won’t get rid of an infestation. Depending on the species, a professional pest control technician will use a combination of sprays, baits, and dust to evict these pests from your house for good.

Our spider treatment is very effective for web spiders, but not as effective on spiders like the Huntsman which are large and require a significant amount of chemical to directly hit their bodies in order to kill them.

If you are finding a lot of web spiders at your place, you can give us a call or book a Targeted Pest Solution (which treats one pest) online at a date and time suitable to you via our online booking system by clicking the green Book a Time button which appears at the top of this page. You can also upgrade to our most popular pest treatment package, our Comprehensive Pest Solution which treats cockroaches, ants, spiders and silverfish and has a 12-month warranty on our service. If you just need some advice, give us a call.

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