Technicians’ Licences

Title License/Induction Name Doc/Lic Number
Anthony Shaw 1. PMT License PMTO-14038/PMTF-344
Bradley Collocott 1. PMT License PMT008874620
Cameron Rylatt 1. PMT License PMTO-13700
Coen Beddall 1. PMT License Qld Health advised approved CB awaiting receipt of Card 1006875117
Craig Munro 1. PMT License PMTO-13390
Gavin O'Keefe 1. PMT License PMTO-14228
Hayden Caesar 1. PMT License PMT009013820
Jack Elliott 1. PMT License PMT1007416318
Kaleb Manning 1. PMT License PMT009013920
Levi Parker 1. PMT License PMT1005501915
Lewis Bolland 1. PMT License PMT1007166918
Paul Thomas 1. PMT License PMTO-3503
Raymond McConville 1. PMT License PMT1003866813
Rob Short 1. PMT License PMT0-12533
Tom Aldridge 1. PMT License PMTO-13887
Tyson Douglas 1. PMT License PMT009020220
Vicki Fluker 1. PMT License 14548

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