Technicians’ Licences

Title License/Induction Name Expiry Date Doc/Lic Number
Anthony Shaw 1. PMT License 9/20/2025 PMTO-14038 & PMTF-344
Brendan Matthews 1. PMT License 11/7/2023 PMT2005378815
Coen Beddall 1. PMT License 11/28/2022 PMT1006875117
Craig Munro 1. PMT License 7/22/2022 PMTO-13390
Darren Summerrell 1. PMT License 2/12/2023 PMT1003377113
Ethan Lewis 1. PMT License 7/5/2022 PMT008921820
Gavin O'Keefe 1. PMT License 4/29/2022 PMTO-14228
Hayden Caesar 1. PMT License 9/3/2022 PMT009013820
Hayden Grace 1. PMT License 7/5/2022 PMT0098786221
Heath Trainor 1. PMT License 11/25/2022 PMTO-14757
Jason Forman 1. PMT License 2/27/2023 PMTO-13845
Kyle Mahoney 1. PMT License 9/17/2022 PMT009094420
Levi Parker 1. PMT License 12/7/2024 PMT1005501915
Lewis Bolland 1. PMT License 9/23/2022 PMT1007166918
Navneet Kumar 1. PMT License 5/31/2023 PMT009697321
Paul Thomas 1. PMT License 9/2/2022 PMTO-3503
Rob Short 1. PMT License 10/15/2023 PMT0-12533
Simon Jones 1. PMT License 8/09/2022 PMT008980120
Tania Burke 1. PMT License 3/18/2022 PMT1007042018
Tim Legg 1. PMT License 2/20/2023 PMTO-11663
Tom Aldridge 1. PMT License 6/5/2022 PMTO-13887
Turgay Ak 1. PMT License 10/8/2023 PMTO-14050
Tyson Douglas 1. PMT License 8/30/2022 PMT009020220
Vicki Fluker 1. PMT License 4/23/2022 PMTO-14548

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