Pest Control for Stored Product Pests Brisbane

Pest Control for Stored Product Pests Brisbane

For centuries man has battled with the problem of food storage and preventing the entry of pests into food stores. The battle continues today and the destructive nature of these pests poses a significant threat to Commercial facilities in Australia. Implementing effective pest control measures is crucial for maintaining product quality, safeguarding public health, and complying with Australian regulatory standards.

Stored Product Pests in Australia

Stored product pests are small insects, moths or mites that infest stored food products and commodities. Certain stored product pests are more common in Commercial facilities – commonly found in Australia are the Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle, Rice Weevil, Indian Meal Moth, and Grain Mites. These pests can contaminate food, cause spoilage, and can jeopardise your contracts with major suppliers, therefore, resulting in financial losses due to product damage and rejection.

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Getting A Stored Product Pest Infestation Under Control

  1. Inspect and Treat: Our trained technicians will inspect your property so they can apply the right treatment to the right areas, maximizing the result for you while reducing the need to apply excess chemicals.
  2. Destroy Infested Materials: Identification of the pest can provide clues on where to look but some of these insects can live on a wide range of materials. Merely killing the pests that are seen is not the solution. Infested articles must be found and destroyed.
  3. Clean Shelves, Cracks and Crevices: Often beetles can be found beneath cans and other items, so there is a need to thoroughly vacuum the shelves, both upper and lower surfaces, and use a crevice attachment to clean cracks and crevices.

Stored Product Pest Treatment

Treatment always depends on the level of infestation and where it is situated and could include:

  • Direct application of a residual spray to the affected areas after they have been cleaned
  • Placement of moth traps to monitor and catch adult insects if required
  • Treatment of cracks and crevices with a spray

Preventative Measures

Preventing stored product pest infestations is more effective and cost-efficient than dealing with an outbreak. Here are some tips for preventing stored product pests in your commercial facility:

Seal Entryways: Seal cracks, gaps, and crevices that could serve as potential entryways for pests. Install tight-fitting doors and window screens to prevent pests from entering the facility.

Establish Good Hygiene Practices: Establish high standards of cleanliness throughout the facility. Regularly clean storage areas, debris, and packaging materials.

Proper Storage and Handling Practices: Store products off the ground on pallets or racks, allowing for easy inspection. Implement a first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory system to reduce the risk of product deterioration and infestations. Utilize sturdy, airtight containers or packaging materials that discourage pest entry.

Monitoring and Inspection: Regularly inspect stored products for signs of infestation, including live or dead insects, larvae, or damaged packaging. Install monitoring devices such as pheromone traps or insect light traps to detect pest activity early on.

Why Choose Suburban Pest Management?

At Suburban Pest Management, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and customer satisfaction. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us for all of your pest control requirements including stored product pests:

  • Independent, established pest control business
  • Worry-free pest management solutions
  • Flexible scheduling times to minimise disruption to your business operations
  • 24/7 emergency call outs available if needed
  • Experienced and certified pest technicians
  • Safe and effective products and methods for commercial pest control
  • HACCP (Food Safety) and ISO9001 accredited
  • Provide expert guidance and ensure compliance
  • Ongoing support and maintenance to prevent future infestations
  • Competitive pricing and detailed quotes

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Suburban Pest Management uses an Integrated Pest Management approach, which is a holistic approach that combines multiple pest control strategies to minimize pesticide use while effectively controlling pests.

We are HACCP (Food Safety) and ISO9001 accredited which means we have the processes and systems in place to perform pest control in food production facilities and we provide expert guidance and can ensure your compliance with Australian standards for food safety.

Suburban's Pest Control for Stored Product Pests Service Areas

Suburban Pest Management has built a great reputation offering quality commercial pest control services for almost 30 years, and our customers come from all over the Southeast-Queensland area, including Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, Moreton Bay, Logan, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

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Because of the destructive nature of stored product pests, and the potential risk to your facility, regular pest control to treat stored product pests is a vital aspect of maintaining the quality and safety of food products in Australian commercial facilities. By implementing preventive measures, adopting Integrated Pest Management strategies, and complying with relevant regulations, businesses can effectively manage and prevent infestations. Regular monitoring, proper storage practices, and adherence to high hygiene standards are keys to a successful pest management program. Working with a licensed pest management professional like Suburban Pest Management can provide expert guidance and ensure compliance with Australian standards, safeguarding the reputation and profitability of commercial facilities.

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