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We offer innovative, safe, effective, quality products & services to help protect your family, home and business against target pests.

When you’re talking about pests in your home, you need to ensure that your pets and loved ones are safe and that they are not being exposed to dangerous chemicals. Our commitment to protecting the environment and our fully trained pest control technicians, means you can trust Suburban Pest Management to deal with any pest problem, whether it be large, small or just plain unusual.

Our pest control methods are carried out in the safest possible way to give you the confidence that your pest treatment will be not only safe but also effective. We are confident that the treatment methods implemented by Suburban Pest Management will guarantee the removal of your pest problems, however we offer a guarantee that if the pests return within the specified service periods, so will we!

Unfortunately, regardless of how new or clean your home is, there is always the possibility of these problem pests just waiting for a chance to enter your home. In saying this, we ourselves introduce the pests to our home more often than what we realise. They can be unknowingly be transported into our homes through food packaging, cardboard boxes etc.

Like most of us, we have all tried some form of do-it-yourself pest treatment, you may eliminate some pests … you may even get rid of quite a few. But please keep in mind that for every pest that you do see, there are likely many more that you don’t, meanwhile these pests could be living & breeding quite happily within your home without you even knowing.

How we treat your pest problem

After carrying out a thorough inspection of your property, the technician will provide you with information about any particular issues that need to be discussed; including areas of concern, treatment methods required, preventative measures to assist with treatment etc. You will be well aware of what we will be doing & what to expect as an end result.

Your Technician will then carry out treatment in accordance with their operations manual, Australian Standard & Chemical label to ensure a thorough & effective treatment is carried out. Depending on the treatment & pest being targeted, treatments will generally involve thorough treatment to problem areas (eg: breeding/feeding areas) border sprays (at skirting level), gelling of cupboards, dusting of roof voids/ceiling cavities & weepholes, treating external brick work, downpipes, vegetation, swing sets, pergolas etc. It is important to note that not all pest control methods will rely on chemical methods, particularly if allergies are of a concern. There are other methods of treatment by means of trapping or modifying the environment which can also give a desirable end result.

Once your treatment has been completed, your technician will return to our office to provide information which will then be input into our system for future reference. At this time, we also ensure that we have a note to contact you when your next treatment will fall due, this of course is obligation free and can be carried out at your discretion. Suburban Pest Management record all information, discussions etc into our large data base as we feel it is extremely important to have your personalised requirements available to us should this be required in the future.

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