Pest Control Narangba: Complete Pest Solutions For New And Old Homes

If you are dealing with a pest problem in Narangba, it is important to get the right kind of pest control service. New homes, like those in housing estates, can deceive residents into thinking pests aren’t much of a problem. But just like older houses that need pest control, new homes can also act as a magnet for all types of pests.

Just over one hundred years ago, Narangba’s population was less than 100 with a slow rise to 992 by 1999. By 2016, the population lifted to 18,573. This figure, brought on by an explosion of housing estates, shows a need for increased infrastructure and services such as pest management. In 2011 following the devastating South-East Queensland floods, Narangba (among many Brisbane suburbs) suffered a major rat infestation which wreaked havoc on homes, businesses, farms and nature reserves.

Many of Narangba’s residents live in planned housing estates to the north-west of the railway station. While all new homes and businesses built after 2000 should have a termite management plan in place, older homes may be unprotected.

What You Might Find During Pest Inspections In Narangba

Like most places in South-East Queensland, Narangba has it’s usual pest suspects that frequent both old and new homes. It doesn’t take much for cockroaches, for instance, to move in and make themselves at home. All it takes is one removal box to ferry in one of these pests from your old place.

Other insects that we find during a pest inspection include:

And it’s not just new and old residential properties that need to control pests in Narangba. Businesses, child care and schools, sporting facilities and shopping centres all attract pests that carry disease and ruin property.

Pest Control Treatment: Solutions For Rodent Control And Other Pests

Narangba has a village-like atmosphere on the edge of the city. Fruit, poultry and vegetable farms, as well as parks and green corridors, call to those seeking a country change, yet still within 45 minutes of the city. They also attract a range of pests and animals.

Redlands and the Moreton Bay region is home to native species of vermin including the bush rat, which is sometimes mistaken for the sewer rat. There are ten different types of vermin in Australia, and all but three are protected species.

Suburban Pest inspectors can help you identify and control the different types of pests on your property. Our solutions for rodent control and other pests can also help the conscientious property owner track pests, and identify behavioural patterns of when they appear and why.  

Cost Of Pest Control Services In Narangba

Our customers are always amazed when they learn about our affordable pest control prices to treat their homes in Narangba.

Our Comprehensive Pest Solution treats cockroaches, silverfish, ants and spiders both inside and outside an average sized home and includes our 12-month service guarantee on general pest treatments. When you spread the cost of this treatment over a year, it costs less than a dollar a day.

When you know or suspect you have a pest problem, the cost of not doing anything far exceeds the cost or pest control solution.

We Have The Answers To Pest Control In Narangba

For over 25 years, Suburban Pest Management has provided pest control services to Narangba and other suburbs in the Moreton Bay region. All our pest control inspectors and technicians are fully licensed, qualified and experienced in managing pests in SE-Queensland.

So, contact Suburban Pest Management today to discover how we can solve your pest problem.

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