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Got a pest problem in Elimbah or surrounding area? Moreton Bay is notorious for insects and other pests that invade the sanctity of our homes.

Fortunately, the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast communities are also home to the pest control experts from Suburban Pest Management. As local residents with extensive experience and training on how to evict these unwanted guests from your home and garden, we can help you say good-bye to these annoying, potential disease carrying, pests.

Special Online Offer for Treatment of Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish and Spiders

We have a very special online offer available to you for a limited time. Our Comprehensive Pest Solution includes a treatment for Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish and Spiders and a 12 month service warranty. Check out our video and book online via our live online booking system to take us up on this special offer.

Our Elimbah Home Pest Control Treatment Guarantee

If your pests come back within the specified service time, so do we. That’s our guarantee for our Comprehensive Pest Solution treatment in Elimbah. When you invite us into your home or business, we’re confident our services are safe and effective for your family, your property and your pets.

Pests Control Prices for Elimbah

We love the leafy surrounds, but so do pests. Be vigilant about protecting your property. The complete list of pests we treat are below:

Our special online offer covers the treatment of Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish and Spiders. For all other pests, you should contact SPM for a free no-obligation quote.

When treating for fleas, prior to treating both inside and outside your property, you should always get your pet treated as well.

Termite treatments and termite baiting systems usually begin with a termite inspection. You’ll receive a detailed report for the interior and exterior areas of your property.

Possums are a protected species and therefore removal and relocation of this animal requires a permit to do so. Our specialised Possum relocation service ensures that the animal is removed carefully and humanely, to ensure it is kept calm and safe at all times. The animal’s welfare is imperative at all times.

If you’re serious about ridding your home of invading pests you want to get rid of all the pests with quality service. You might be surprised to discover our quality service has reasonable pest control prices.

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Don’t let Elimbah’s creepy crawlies eat a hole in your pocket. Act fast to eliminate pests with pest control Elimbah. Our professional pest experts have over 26 years' experience with removing and eliminating pests in South-east Queensland.

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