7 Pest Management Strategies From the Pros that You Can Use at Home

Mother Nature tends to throw all sorts of pests into our homes, often at extremely inopportune moments.

These pests can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety in people, as well as significant bills if the infestations get severe. Since most pests are very resilient creatures and even better reproducers, a tiny problem can turn into a gigantic one in only a matter of a few weeks.

Whether it’s the sight of a cockroach running around your bathtub or the sound of tiny footsteps scratching around your attic that brought you here, you are in good hands.

These 7 pest management strategies are a good start to keeping your home free of pests. Pest control is a double-sided battle; you not only have to get rid of the pest problem as it is happening, but also to establish personal habits that could prevent future outbreaks.

1. Keep it Clean

Above all else, it’s absolutely imperative you keep your residence clean and free of scattered food. This goes beyond making sure the dishes are washed every night, as some pests can make an entire feast out of a few crumbs on the ground.

keeping the house clean

Every time a pest control technician finishes their job of ridding a home of pests, they’re sure to remind the homeowner the importance of keeping any potential snacks out of reach for pests.

2. Make Sure Your Home is Properly Sealed

Virtually any opening to your home is a doorway for the wide variety of pests looking for shelter and food. This is why it’s important to lock down your home and seal any cracks leading to the exterior that would allow one of these adventurers to enter your home. It only takes a single pregnant cockroach or rat to make its way into your home for a severe infestation to start brewing. Ensure the perimeters of your windows and doors are sealed to eliminate the risk.

3. Schedule Regular Pest Control

Regular pest control can be one of the best investments for your health and peace of mind. Having a pest control expert visit your home on scheduled house check-ups is a simple way to set your pest control problems on autopilot. These pest control experts will ensure that the perimeter of your home, backyard, and other pest-prone areas are kept at a low risk for pest invasion, and can nip potential problems in the bud before they become serious issues. It is recommended to schedule these appointments once a quarter (every three months) at a minimum to keep your home protected during every season.

4. Keep Your Exterior Tidy

Many homeowners with a jungle in their backyards often wonder why pests suddenly chose them. Even some unruly foliage provides a means for pests to congregate and establish a home base. The longer your grass is, the more conducive the ecosystem is for bugs and other critters to start reproducing and establishing a domain. Tall trees and shrubberies close to your roof provide critters like possums and some species of rats to gain access to your attic. This makes it imperative to keep your grass cut short, foliage trimmed tightly, and tall shrubberies and trees away from your roof.

5. Team Up with Neighbours

So, you’ve kept your home clean, backyard neat, and you’ve got regular pest control scheduled, yet you are still seeing the occasional cockroach scurry inside or outside your home. While there are a wide variety of elements within your control, there are some that aren’t as easy. One of the biggest causes for pest infestations comes from neighbouring residences.

If you live in an area that is very prone to pests (apartment complexes are very high risk due to the close proximity), it’s helpful to open a healthy dialogue about a team effort for pest control. Most pest management companies are also willing to negotiate for group rates, since a pest control expert is able to save up on travel time by visiting multiple neighbouring homes back to back.

6. Don’t Store Wood In or Near Your Home

Insects love wood. Using your garage or attic as a place to store extra logs, furniture, or other types of wood provides bugs a place of shelter resembling the comforts of the great outdoors. This wood not only attracts relatively harmless but annoying bugs, but you could also be tracking and feeding termites indoors.

termites attracted to wood

Termites are very quick to spread into the foundation and structural elements of your home, and this could lead to a very expensive fix in the near future. Even wood that is stacked up next to your home provides a potential entry point for these little critters. Keep any wood away from your home, and stored in a dry area.

7. Avoid Standing Water

Standing water is one of the most forgotten causes of pests. Pests not only rely on standing water to survive, they also reproduce in it. All it takes is a single outside fountain to start seeing ecosystems of mosquitos and wasps to start developing. You must be extremely vigilant of what containers are holding water both indoors and outdoors. Fountains, pools, cups, and patio furniture are some of the prime offenders in allowing standing water to collect. Standing water could even start accumulating in a pair of rubber shoes left outside for too long. Take a quick walk inside and outside and get rid of any concave hollow surfaces that would allow water to collect and stagnate.

Final Thoughts

Do it for your health and safety, but most importantly for your peace of mind. Even if you aren’t squeamish, all it takes is a single rat or cockroach in an otherwise perfect environment to throw you off and think “hmm, I hope that’s not going to become a regular occurrence.” Pest management starts with your habits.

With the right pest management habits and strategies, and regular pest control you can ensure that your home is not only free of your current pest problems but that you will ensure it stays low-risk for future infestations.

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