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Sandgate is a northern coastal suburb in the City of Brisbane well known for its history and architectural beauty that conjures the bygone era. Both residential and civic buildings are picturesque, making Sandgate one of the major heritage showpieces of the Moreton Bay area. Sandgate also reflects a peaceful atmosphere that is characteristic of Brisbane’s suburban areas.

Sandgate Town Hall
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Sandgate is a vibrant area, famous for its relaxed vibes in the cute local coffee shops and breathtaking scenery that you can enjoy while walking on the beach. Add to that a lovely warm climate, beach days and gentle sea breezes and it becomes a perfect place for families as well as for anyone who prefers living far from Brisbane’s urban pace.

However, pests too love the seaside life, particularly in the warm, humid weather at Sandgate. Older houses, built using timber frames, can mean a higher risk of pest infestation. Not monitoring your property often for pests can mean damageto your property, and a risk to the health and wellbeing of your family.

Luckily, you can solve pest issues and take pest prevention advice from a company that specialises in treating pests in the Sandgate area.

What Kinds of Pests You Find in Sandgate

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one pest you need to deal with in Sandgate. This is the trade-off for being able to live in a warm, sub-tropical climate in a picturesque, relaxed, historic setting.

To be able to make an informed decision over the level of pest control you need, you should understand the pests commonly found in the Sandgate area. Find out more about these pests by clicking the links below:

How to Determine If You Need Pest Control Services

Some of these signs indicate that you might be suffering from a pest infestation that needs a pest control expert to handle it. Pay careful attention to:

  • Visible sightings - You might see a cockroach scurrying across the floor or spiders in webs in the corners of rooms. Visible sightings are the most obvious sign that you might have pests.
  • Strange noises - Scratching and scuttling can signal rodents, however, squeaking and whining are sure signs of rats and mice. These noises are likely to be coming from your kitchen or even your roof.
  • Pest droppings - All pests leave their droppings behind while they are searching for food and building their nests. Some are easy to spot, such as those of rodents and cockroaches as they are bigger, while those of insects are harder to see.
  • Furniture damage -Unfortunately, pests can damage your furniture. Check for wood and paint dust under chairs or beds, which can be signs of termites or borers. Rats and mice will damage your furniture too. They will gnaw it, or tear out stuffing, leaving a damaged sofa that is not suitable for sitting and watching TV anymore. 
  • Structure damage - As they eat anything made of cellulose, termites will eat the wood in your walls, making the structures of your home weak. Check around door or window frames for dotted or bubbling paint which can be a sign of termites. Rodents will make tunnels and holes in your walls while trying to hide their nests. And the worst of all is that they will chew the electrical wires and cables making a huge mess that can, in the worst case scenario, cause fire. 
  • Bald patches on rugs and shed larval skin - Carpet moths attack more than just carpets. They can also cause damage to clothing, fur, upholstery, and animal skins. A common sign of carpet moths is balding patches on the edges and in corners of carpets and you might see larval cocoon skins as the pupal stage is the likely time when they are active.
  • Proof of nesting - The most obvious evidence of rodent nesting is a tunnel but also shredded paper, leaves and grass clippings. Nests are likely to be found under flooring or in walls. 
  • Grease tracks and marks -Some rodent, like the Roof Rat, will climb and sneak, and they pick up a lot of dirt, so you might notice grease or dirt marks or tracks. 
  • Pets scratching - Fleas generally live on dogs, cats, other warm-blooded animals, and birds because their fur and feathers make it easy to hide and reproduce. Fleas jump from your pet onto your home’s floor or yard. Fleas also reproduce quickly and can quickly get out of hand. So, if you see your pet scratching, check for fleas, and treat them immediately.
  • Damage to plants - Not even plants are safe from pest damage! Check for chewing on the edges of plants. If your parsley is chewed down to the stalk, you have a possum problem.

Pest prevention is still the best way to control pests. So even if you are not experiencing any of these signs, you should still get a pest treatment to keep your property pest free!

Why It Is Better to Hire A Professional Sandgate Pest Control Company

You might be considering using a DIY pest product. That is fine for say, the odd cockroach or fly, but it won’t solve the problem if you have a pest infestation. So, when you compare the cost of pest control compared with the damage that a pest infestation could cause to your property, hiring a professional licensed pest inspector for professional pest control is a far better solution.

To summarise, it is better to hire a professional pest inspector for the following reasons:

  • Complete Pest Extermination: A qualified pest inspector from Suburban Pest Management has many years of experience in pest control in the Sandgate area; is trained to recognise the characteristics and to deal with the most safe and suitable products to treat those pests. Your professional pest technician is aware of all the pest’s habits and hidden breeding spots, and will thoroughly check and treat your property inside and out. All our general pest treatments are guaranteed, so you can rest assured, that if pests come back, so do we.
  • Compliance with Australian Pest Control Standards: All systems, products and processes that Suburban Pest Management uses comply with safety standards. We are ISO9001 accredited so you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of service and safest pest products available.
  • Property Safety: With regular pest treatments and advice from your professional pest control technician, you can focus on prevention measures that will help keep your property pest-free for good.
  • Health Risks: Some pests such as cockroaches and rodents carry diseases. Others bite and many people have allergies to stings, for example, wasps. Further, improper use of pesticides can have negative impacts on your family’s health. The worst reported cases have shown incorrect use of pesticides have led to heart issues, learning disabilities and other mental difficulties. At SPM, we only use quality products which are not harmful to humans or pets.
  • Property Value:  When you have evidence that your house is free from pests, you have control over your property value, your selling price, or even the price you can charge for rent.

Benefits of Hiring Suburban Pest Management Pest Inspectors for your Pest Control Treatment

Suburban Pest Management is a licensed pest control company with the experience of dealing with pests specific to the Sandgate area. We guarantee the highest quality pest extermination and pest prevention services to protect your home and family.

We have:

  • Trained and accredited pest control inspectors
  • More than 25 years’ experience in treating Sandgate’s properties
  • Pest control services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • The best quality products on the market
  • Proven pest inspection tools and techniques
  • Reasonable prices
  • Quality, personalised service from a local company

For a limited time, we have a special online offer. Our Comprehensive Pest Solution treats cockroaches, ants, spiders, and silverfish, complete with a 12-month guarantee on our service. So, you can be assured that pests return, so do we. You can book by clicking the Make a Booking button on the top right of this page or you can contact us for a free quote.

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