What Determines Pest Control Prices

We often get asked about the price for pest control. When you have a pest problem, you want to treat it quickly but not with a cheap fix. As well, you should consider pest prevention strategies for your property. These long-term methods avoid adding to the price of poor pest management.

We’re upfront with how much pest control costs. But as other factors determine pest control prices, ask us for a free quote. It’s the quickest way to sort out the price of pest control for your property. Plus a quote lists the services you’ll need for your pesky problem.

Read this article for an idea of the factors that determine pest control pricing. As well, we discuss:

  • The difference between pest control prevention and treatment
  • How long does pest control treatment work
  • The hidden price of DIY pest control

Keep these considerations in mind when asking for a quote from your pest control expert. Some of the pests we get called out for at this time of year include the drain fly and cockroaches.

A common fly sits on a leaf. The type of pest factors into pest control prices.
Pest type effects pest control prices

6 Factors Of Pest Control Cost in Brisbane

  1. Property size The size of your property affects the cost of your pest control. The larger the property, the longer it takes to treat. But while time is a related factor of property size, so too is how much treatment we use.
  2. Building characteristics The type of building to be treated will factor into the price. A workplace will cost more than a three bedroom home. Older homes may also cost more depending on the materials they’re made out of and how long it has been since their last treatment.
  3. Type of treatment Chemical treatments are usually less expensive than natural treatments. While natural treatments may be better suited to households with children and pets, chemical treatments often last longer and require less application.
  4. Size of your pest problem If you haven’t had your property treated in a while, then there’s a higher chance you’ve already got a problem. Leave it too long, and the problem will grow as will the cost. Pests that are at home in your house or workplace will take longer to remove.
  5. Number of treatments The number of pest treatments required depends on the type of pest, how bad the problem has become and the type of treatment you choose. If you only treat pests now and then, then the infestation can be nasty. Multiple treatments may be necessary.
Cockroach climbing a wall will factor into Brisbane pest control costs
Pests are one of six factors of pest control costs Brisbane

The Difference Between Pest Control Prevention And Treatment

Pest removal involves a three-step process. Treatment follows a full investigation into the pests on your property. The type of treatment depends on the type of pests we have to manage. Some pests may require relocation rather than eradication.

After we complete the treatment, it’s a good idea to employ pest control prevention methods to stop unwanted guests from moving back into your property. As part of an integrated management plan, we’ll recommend easy and sustainable solutions.

Some solutions introduce new pest management strategies around your home or business. Others require regular inspections and retreatment of the premises to keep those creepy crawly insects away.

We also offer a wide selection of pest control programs from weekly to bi-annually depending on your needs. Other pest control prevention strategies include regular inspections and treatment for pests to keep them away but also keep your overall price for pest control in check.

Suburban Pest Management recommends annual treatments both inside and outside your property for:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
Australian Badge Huntsman is an occasional visitor inside homes. Pest control prevention strategies can keep them out.
Huntsman deterred by pest control prevention

How Long Does Pest Control Treatment Work

The length of time between pest control treatment depends on what pest or pests you’re keeping at bay. For treatment of common pests like cockroaches, we provide a 12-month service warranty.

Possum removal, on the other hand, may only be successful if you’re plugging up the hole in your roof after the animal is relocated. Leaving the hole open invites the possum to return or encourages a new pest to move into your home.

Termite treatment also needs regular inspections depending on the type of treatment you’ve chosen. Termite bait stations, for example, require constant checking for signs of termites. If termites have feasted on the bait, then you need to replace it.

Mosquitoes also require regular checks for standing water, especially after it rains. Leave no bucket, old car tire, or paint tin unturned.

Mosquitoes often originate in still water lying about the home and require regular checks for successful pest control treatments.
Managing mosquitoes requires pest control treatment

The Hidden Price Of DIY Pest Control

While DIY pest control may seem like the cheapest pest management strategy, it’s often the most expensive. Even if you’ve researched what chemicals to use and how to apply it, buying and storing the right equipment and solutions costs more than hiring a professional.

As well, treating pests around your property with store-bought pesticides may only be a reaction to bigger, hidden infestation. An experienced pest controller knows the signs. They’ll investigate all the symptoms to eliminate the source of your pesky problem.

As a DIY-er you’ll have to fork out money for:

  • Protective clothing and safety kits
  • Treatment products (that are inferior to professionals products anyway)
  • Specialised equipment

Buy the wrong product or apply it incorrectly and you could end up paying a much larger price. In some situations, like a rented domestic property or commercial property, while you may want to do the job yourself, the law requires a licensed pest controller to manage the problem.

And it’s not just termites that benefit from the experience and services of a professional pest controller. While you may successfully treat your pets and the inside of your house for fleas and ticks, the bigger pest problem lies outside where the pests originated.

Cocker spaniel scratches fleas. Diseases are often an unseen cost of DIY Pest Control
Unsuccessful DIY pest control can harm pets

Talk To The Pest Control Experts

Don’t pay the price of cheap, quick fixes for pest control. Call the pest experts and ask for a free quote. At Suburban Pest Management, our customers benefit from low-cost regular inspections and free advice that helps contain the price of pest control.

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