More than 6,000 households trust us to protect their families from Termites and Urban Pests.


Prompt Termite Solutions for all new building work, specialising in renovations and split level designs.


Protecting Restaurants, Aged Care Facilities, Offices, Schools and more since 1994.

Property Management

Our reliability and efficiency makes life easier for Property Managers, Landlords and Tenants.

Experience and knowledge

We strive to ensure that all clients feel comfortable with how the treatment is carried out and know what to expect as an end result. We offer obligation FREE consultations and advice to ensure that all options are offered.

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Here are some parts of our business that reinforce who we are and what makes us special:


We give confidence and solve problems


We have the highest quality equipment


We make our clients’ lives easier


We have the best trained staff in the industry


Clients trust us


We deal with a variety of residential and commercial clients

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Carpet Moths – How to Bring Your Carpets (and Home) Back to Health

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The Homeowners Guide to Termite Identification & Protection

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  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    Very friendly and professional. Arrived as arranged and very thorough.

    Peter & Bernadette
  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    We are very happy with the service. You are all friendly and efficient in doing your job and would not hesitate recommending you to others.

    Kylie & Dallas
  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    Your care and attention to detail and the manner in which you kept us informed was excellent.

    Ralph & Adrienne
  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    Great service, understood my needs and was very timely 🙂

  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    Paul has been doing our pest inspections for the last 12 years. He is always spot on time, incredibly professional and knowledgeable and is almost one of the family – our two boys call him “Uncle Paul”! We couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

    David & Libby
  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    None always have been helpful not shore who admin assistant as who ever speak to are always helpful.

  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    Service was excellent from start to finish. Paul was very friendly, efficient and helpful, telling me some of the history of the house, having done the previous pest management service calls. Thanks to all.

  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    Excellent first impression when we rang,they turned up on time, did a great job and felt like i got my moneys worth

    Chris & Wendy
  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    Paul was friendly, knowledgeable and was able to assist us in making positive decisions for the short and long term.

    Carl & Linda
  • 7943-SPM-Green-Bug-V1 "

    Very professional team

    Justin & Marlene