Pest Control Murrumba Downs Manages Mosquitoes, Termites And Other Pests

It’s the warmer months when you notice unwanted guests the most. We get many calls for pest control in Murrumba Downs around this time of year. And it’s not just the mosquitoes from North Pine River or Fresh Water Creek that cause the biggest ruckus.
While you might see them more in warmer months, your problem tenants have been lurking about all winter. Mosquitoes, like cockroaches, are cold-blooded. And it’s the same with termites. Some insects seek out warmer places, often not that far away, while others sleep winter off.
Though the weather is mild in South-East Queensland, it’s never too late to manage your pest problem. Here are some of the more complained about pests in Murrumba Downs:

Pest control Mosquitoes

Building and pest inspections find used tyres that trap rainwater and risk becoming a mosquito breeding ground.

Mosquitoes leave nasty bites that itch. It’s almost impossible to resist scratching them. And when we do, those bites can get infected. As well, mosquitoes carry diseases. Ross River virus is one of the most reported mosquito-borne diseases in Queensland.
Four years ago, Murrumba Downs was one of a few suburbs in the Moreton Bay Region struck by a mosquito outbreak. The weather at the time was hot and wet, great for mosquitoes. And while council's aerial spraying helped, it was hard to get to all the freshwater breeding grounds.

In Queensland’s humid climate, mosquitoes can go from larvae to adult in just a few days. One way to reduce the mozzie is to remove potential breeding places from around your home or business.

  • Empty any buckets or tins holding rainwater.
  • Check pot plants for still water.
  • Remove old car tyres.
  • Fill bird baths with fresh water.
  • Regularly refill your pet's drinking water bowl every day.

Daytime Sightings Call For A Cockroach Exterminator

A daytime cockroach eats gel for a pest exterminator.

At the start of almost every year, Queenslanders are warned of a cockroach crisis. This summer’s not going to be any different. Cockroach sightings are commonplace in South-East Queensland and we are regularly reading stories in the news of roach infestations.
Many people think that because they haven’t seen a cockroach all winter, they don’t have a problem. But some types of cockroaches don’t like the cold and go dormant in colder months.

On the lead up to Summer, cockroaches multiply rapidly. The space they carved out for themselves in or around your home isn’t big enough. Cockroaches are hungry, and they’re searching your building for food.

To reduce cockroaches in your house or workplace:

  • Place kitchen and food waste in the council bin every night.
  • Seal cracks and holes in the walls or ceiling.
  • Fix broken screens on windows and doors.
  • Remove unnecessary cardboard and paper.
  • Restrict eating to the dining areas.
  • Repair leaking sinks and pipes.

If you’ve seen a cockroach scurrying about in the daylight, then there’s a good chance you have an infestation. During the daytime, if there’s not enough room in the nests, larger cockroaches get kicked out. Your best solution is to call a cockroach exterminator.

Pest Control Spiders

Redback spider discovered at the base of the skirting board during a pest inspection.

It’s not just the big ones that invade homes in spring and summer. Huntsman and wolf spiders enter through open doors, windows and cracks when hunting. But so too will other spiders, particularly if you have shrubs and other leafy foliage or bark close to the house.

Smaller spiders include:

  • Redbacks. They love garages, sliding door frames, outdoor pot plants and furniture.
  • Mouse spiders. They prefer to hide in plain sight on Queensland lawns. They’re also known to spin their webs around window frames and outdoor furniture

Treatment depends on what spiders you have invading your house or business. Web spiders are easily treated. Others are best relocated back outside, where they can go on eating insects and other spiders. We recommend doing spider pest control in Murrumba Downs at least once every 12 months.

Possum Pest Control In Murrumba Downs

Pest controller Murrumba Downs can help with brushtail possums like this one eating a grape at night.

Some people love having this native Australian animal around, others not so much. After all, who enjoys waking up in the middle of the night to a possum grunting next to your bedroom? It’s worse if one’s taken up residence inside your roof.

Possums are protected in Australia. You must hire a licensed professional to trap a possum and relocate it. As soon as the pest controller catches it, fix the entrance to your roof. The possum has to be released nearby, and you don’t want it going back inside.
You may also want to move your possum into its own home. You can buy or build a nest box and put it in a suitable tree.

Best Solution For Flies Is Pest Control

Ready To Call Murrumba Downs Pest Control?  We recommend you have at least an annual inspection for pest control. As a local business established in Caboolture since 1994, we know Murrumba Downs and the surrounding Moreton Bay Region.   Whether you’re buying, building or have an existing home or business property get it treated regularly for pests. It’s better to do pest control now than to wait until you have an infestation.  Call us today on 1300 65 65 72 or get a free online quote.

Queensland country is known for its famous fly salute. But flies are also a problem in and around built-up areas like Murrumba Downs. The fruit fly is a common pest, and there are two other types of fly which are also pretty common in Queensland:

Biting Midges are often called sandflies, but they’re actually a small biting fly. They love our beaches and sandy soils. A few years ago, Moreton Bay Region had an infestation. Midges stay near their breeding grounds. So, if you have a biting midge problem the source is close.
The Moth Fly is a type of drain fly. They lay their eggs inside drains, especially if there’s decomposing food inside. For this reason, they’re often found in kitchens, but also bathrooms.

There’s no quick fix to either of these pests. If there’s a fly problem in your house or place of work, an inspection can determine what sort of fly is plaguing you. Know the fly, treat its source, and you’re on your way to a long-term solution.

Call a Pest Exterminator in Murrumba Downs

We recommend you have at least an annual inspection for pest control. As a local business established in Caboolture since 1994, we know Murrumba Downs and the surrounding Moreton Bay Region.

Make sure you get your property treated regularly for pests. It’s better to do pest control now than to wait until you have an infestation.

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