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Bongaree is a beautiful area on the Pumicestone Passage side of Bribie Island. It offers a relaxed Bribie Island lifestyle only one hour away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane. Not only is this island area with its warm humid sub-tropical climate a drawcard for homeowners, but it is also a drawcard for pests.  

Bongaree Beach view
Bongaree Beach (Images courtesy of Visit Moreton Bay Region)

You need to be prepared when pests come to your Bongaree home so you can eliminate them as soon as possible. That’s why Bongaree homes turn to Suburban Pest Management for pest extermination and pest prevention. Call us for your no-obligation quote today.

Signs that you need Pest Control Services

There are some common signs that help you determine if a pest infestation has occurred on your property.

The first sign relates to what pests look for to eat. For example, termites need cellulose and moisture to survive. Timber foundations are cellulose and the perfect food for termites. If you see mud trails going up a wall, or bubbling of paint in walls, or if you hear crackling noises in walls, these are all signs of termite activity. Cockroaches love moisture as well and can often be found in warm, dark, and humid places in the kitchen or bathroom. Carpet moths love wool, and you might find patchy holes or uneven edges in rugs.

You should also be aware of where pests are likely to be found. Roof rats (one of the common varieties found in South-East Queensland) like to build nests above ground and can be found in the upper areas of houses. They like eating meat scraps and proteins and will essentially eat just about anything if they are hungry enough. They are nocturnal and forage for food at night. They are also able to chew through electrical wiring and plastic tubing.  If you hear squeaking or scratching in the roof, or if you see dirty claw marks on walls, you might have rodents.  

If you notice some or any of these signs, you are likely to have a pest infestation and you should consider calling in a professional pest control technician to check it out.

What You should look for in a pest control company in Bongaree

Hiring a professional pest control company is probably the safest and smartest choice you will make in your fight to protect your property against pests. When you spread the cost of pest control over the year, it is surprisingly affordable compared with the costs associated with repairs, as a result of a pest infestation.

So, what should you look for in a professional pest control company?

Check out the video from our MD, Tom Aldridge, outlining 9 Questions You Should Ask before hiring any pest control company.

 1.    How long have you been in business?

Look for a company who has been in the industry for a long time; a company with a strong reputation, who knows the pests in the Bongaree area.

2.    Do you offer a guarantee?

You want to choose a company who is both licensed and accredited who offers not just a product guarantee but also a service guarantee.

3.    Is your company licensed and insured?

The company you choose needs to be able to answer yes to both questions. Copies of licensing and insurance documents should be readily available if you request them.

4.    Do you have any client testimonials or online reviews?

Online reviews such as Google Reviews are a reliable source when you want to check out the overall opinion of a company.  

5.    What pests are included or not included in the service?

The humid conditions in South-East Queensland attract a lot of unwanted pest visitors. You want to hire a company who offers a targeted solution that focuses on the pests most likely to cause a problem in your home in your area.

6.    How do I know the treatment will be effective?

You want to be confident that the treatment carried out is as effective as possible on the very first visit. You want to hire a company which offers a detailed pest assessment customising every visit based on the building design, the types of pests, and what is uncovered during the assessment process.

7.    Is your pest control team fully (and professionally) trained?

Every technician who enters your property must have their own licensing and accreditation. However, in our industry, gaining a pest control licence isn’t the hardest part. Getting the proper training and having the right experience and correct know-how is the most important part.

8.    How much will it cost?

Value for money is all important. You want a professional company that exceeds your expectations, delivering high quality at a reasonable cost.

9.    Who do I trust?

It is only once you have done the research, read the reviews, and gathered all the information, that you can make the decision as to which company is the right one for you.

Suburban Pest Management provides the best pest control treatments in Bongaree

Suburban Pest Management offers high-quality, family-friendly, and eco-friendly pest treatment solutions at a reasonable price. Our licensed inspectors receive the highest levels of training in the industry and use the latest detection technology and quality pest products on the market.

We have more than 25 years' experience in treating Bongaree homes, therefore you can rest assured that we know pests in the area and that you will receive a thorough job first time.

For a limited time, we are offering a Comprehensive Pest Solution which treats cockroaches, ants, spiders, and silverfish. We guarantee all our general pest treatments so you can be certain that if pests return, so do we. You can book your Comprehensive Pest Solution via our live online booking system. There is no waiting around and we could be at your home in Bongaree treating pests within 24 hours.

Contact us today so we can make your property pest free and help you keep it that way!

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