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Did you know that rodents are a common problem in Sunnybank Hills? Rodents of any kind, while they may look cute and furry, can be destructive. Rats are also a serious health risk as they carry and spread disease. So, it’s important that regular pest control treatments be carried out in Sunnybank Hills homes and businesses.

There are also other pests common to the South-East Queensland area which are prevalent in Sunnybank Hills, including possums, termites, fleas and spiders.

So, why does Sunnybank Hills experience pest problems? This article covers:

  • Rodent pest control
  • Why you should hire a licensed pest controller
  • Other types of pests that can cause a problem
  • Pest inspections including pre-purchase pest inspections
  • The cost of not hiring a rat exterminator

Rodent Pest Control

Rodents are around in Queensland all year round, but they are particularly prolific here in Winter.

Brisbane has two types of rats that cause problems, the Sewer Rat (also known as the Norway Rat) and the Roof Rat. Sewer rats burrow underneath buildings and are more likely to be found in outer suburban or rural areas, whereas Roof Rats have adjusted to city life.

Besides setting up home in your roof and keeping you awake with their loud noises, rodents can pull wires across the roof and chew through electrical wirings. This can potentially cause problems with power, but at its worst can be responsible for electrical fires. And waiting until you need an electrician or have a fire in your home is much more expensive and life-threatening than our rodent pest control service.

Rats are also prolific breeders. It’s easy for them to take over your backyard, ceiling, sneak in through the cracks and weep holes in your walls or run into your garage when you’re not looking.  

While you can purchase traps yourself at the supermarket or hardware store, these are only effective on minor infestations. If you are applying store-bought treatments all throughout your home, it’s important to remember that Sunnybank Hills is also home to native rats and mice. These rodents are protected species, so you need to be sure your adopted family isn’t one of the friendlies that just requires a relocation.

If you don't know what you're doing call a licensed rodent pest controller to check it out.

Mouse Trap

Other types of Pest Control Sunnybank Hills

Sunnybank Hills is nestled in an ideal location for pests. There’s a swamp creek that runs through the suburb, and it's not that far from the Willawong recycling and transfer station. There’s also Acacia Ridge’s industrial zone nearby.  

The Brisbane suburb is in the perfect spot to attract all sorts of pests, not just rats.

A regular pest control service treats your entire home. That’s inside your house and outside too. Our Comprehensive Pest Solution treats the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish

We’re so confident about our bug control that our regular pest control service comes with a 12-month warranty. That’s right. If the bugs return, so do we.

Imagine the relief: no more going to the toilet to find a roach or spider sitting beside you.


Take Control with a Pest Treatment at Sunnybank Hills

Even if you don't believe you have pests, you live in South-East Queensland where pests are commonplace, so it is worthwhile to get a treatment done as a preventative measure. Our qualified pest inspectors have the experience to know what to look out for and to determine if you have a pest infestation.

Did you know, for instance, that a female rat can produce up to 250,000 baby rats in just three years?

That’s frightening. You just wouldn’t want to leave that sort of thing to chance.

Take control of your pest problem early, and you’ll be surprised by how affordable pest control is. A pest inspection looks for all the clues. Not just signs of rats but other pests too including termites both inside and around your property.


Buying? Ask for a Sunnybank Hills pre-purchase pest inspection

Auctions are popular in Sunnybank Hills. Often the real estate will organise a pre-purchase pest inspection before the house going under the hammer. For peace of mind, you can organise your own thorough inspection.

It’s better to know what you’re bidding on than to get a great price on a home and a whole new extended family along with it. Too many new homeowners snatch up a bargain then discover they need to replace part of the house because it’s destroyed by termites.

But it’s not just homes. Businesses in Sunnybank Hills are also susceptible to pests. So, before you go buying a business or a commercial property, ask for a thorough pre-purchase pest inspection.


Call Suburban to Get Rid of Rodents & Pests

Yearly pest inspection and/or regular treatment can determine the type of pests taking shelter in your home or business. We’ll also recommend the type of treatment you need and make other recommendations such as sealing cracks to keep them gone for good.

Look after your family’s health and the health of your Sunnybank Hills home and business.

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