Pest Control Narangba: Complete Pest Solutions For New And Old Homes

Do you live a new housing estate? New homes, like those in housing estates, can deceive residents into thinking pests aren’t much of a problem. But just like older houses that need pest control in Narangba, new homes can also act as a magnet for all types of creepy crawlies.

Just over one hundred years ago, Narangba’s population was less than 100 with a slow rise to 992 by 1999. By 2011, the 16,233 census figure brought on by an explosion of housing estates shows a need for increased infrastructure and services such as pest management.

Once associated with the name, Sideling Creek, Narangba suffered from a rat infestation in 2011 following the devastating South East Queensland floods. For the long term Narangba residents, many of whom were farmers, the rodents were a big problem.

Despite the population explosion, Narangba still has a vast swath of land dedicated to primary industries such as farming and natural reserves. These zones lure different types of pests that aren’t as attracted to urban areas, like the possum sized rats of the 2011 floods.

Many of Narangba’s new residents live in planned housing estates to the north-west of the original village that surrounds the railway station. While all new homes and businesses built after 2000 should have a termite management plan in place, older homes may be unprotected.

In this article, we’re going to talk about:

  • Problem pests in Narangba
  • Benefits of a termite management plan
  • How to protect your home from termites
  • Rodent control services
  • Cost of pest control services

What You Might Find During Pest Inspections In Narangba

Like most places, Narangba has it’s usual pest suspects that frequent both old and newer homes. It doesn’t take much for cockroaches, for instance, to move in and set up shop. All it takes is a removal box to ferry in one of these pests from your old place.

If you have cardboard boxes sitting around your home, you’re just inviting roaches and silverfish to stay. They love the taste of cardboard and some boxes also make the perfect home and place for cockroaches to raise their young. But boxes aren’t the only places where they hide.

Other insects that we find during a pest inspection include:

While many of these pests hitch a ride into your new home when you first move in, others become attracted to your place because of the things you leave lying about, like dry dog food or chicken feed. Chickens are a good idea, until they bring other pests and problems.

And it’s not just new and old residential properties that need to control pests in Narangba. Businesses, child care and schools, sporting facilities and shopping centres all attract pests that carry disease and ruin property.

A nasute termite climbing in a crevice on a tree is a common discovery during pest control Narangba
Pest control Narangba targets termites on properties

New Buildings With Termite Protection Systems

Queensland is notorious for termites. Buildings in Narangba aren’t immune to subterranean termite attacks even new ones. Building code requires all new buildings, both residential and commercial properties to have a termite protection system in place.

If you move into a new house in Narangba ask your real estate or builder about the home’s termite management plan. A termite management system should include methods to prevent a subterranean termite attack as well as regular inspections by qualified termite pest inspectors.

If you decide to renovate your house or commercial building, you also need to consider the impact of renovations on your termite management system. Additional treatments may be required, particularly if you are making changes or adding to the existing concrete slab.

A red cement truck pours concrete with worker spreading the mix after the design and commencement of a termite protection systems.
Implement termite protection systems during the construction stage of your house.

How To Protect Your Narangba Home With A Termite Barrier

Even if you’re not moving into a new house in Narangba, you can still apply a termite barrier to protect it from these greedy pests. Many Queenslanders call termites, white ants because of their appearance, but termites have a much hungrier appetite than ants for the wood inside our homes.

A physical termite barrier is installed during the early stages of construction. They are designed to last the lifetime of the building or 50 years (whichever is less). They are one of the most effective solutions that Suburban Pest Management offers against termites for new buildings.

You can protect your home from termites with one or a combination of the three types of termite barriers suitable for new constructions and existing homes:

  • Chemical termite barriers
  • Physical termite barriers
  • Chemical reticulation barriers
A completed termite barrier around the outside of a building.
Completed termite barrier

Solutions For Rodent Control And Other Pests

Narangba remains a favoured location for the city dweller. Flower, fruit, dairy and vegetable farms, as well as great swaths of green corridors, call to those seeking a country change, yet still within 45 minutes of the city. They also attract a range of pests and animals.

Redlands and the Moreton Bay region is home to native species of vermin including the bush rat, which is sometimes mistaken for the sewer rat. There are ten different types of vermin in Australia, and all but three are protected species.

Suburban Pest inspectors can help you identify and control the different types of pests on your property. Our digital monitoring stations are an ideal pest management tool for commercial properties such as shopping centres and sporting facilities.

Our solutions for rodent control and other pests can also help the conscientious property owner track pests, and identify behavioural patterns of when they appear and why.  

Rodent control considers protected species like this grassland melomys.
Rodent control identifies patterns of behaviour

Cost Of Pest Control Services In Narangba

Our customers are always amazed when they learn about our affordable pest control prices to treat their home in Narangba.

For pest control services with a 12-month warranty that targets cockroaches, silverfish, ants and spiders both inside and outside an average sized home, it costs less than a dollar a day. If you just want interiors treated, then it’s often less, but it won’t give you complete protection.

And while we can’t price the peace of mind that comes with a regular termite inspection, it can save you thousands of dollars to repair termite damage which is not covered by insurance. Termite inspections cost between $265 to $355 depending on the size of your home.

If you also want to target specific pests such as rats, the removal costs differ depending on the size of your home and the number of locked bait stations we use. Removing rats costs anywhere between $180 to $299.

When you know or suspect you have a pest problem the cost of not doing anything far exceeds the cost or pest control solution.

Suburban Pest Control technician greets client for a pest inspection
Affordable pest control services in Narangba

We Have The Answers To Pest Control In Narangba

For over 25 years, Suburban Pest Management has provided pest control services to Narangba and other suburbs in the Moreton Bay region. All our pest control inspectors and technicians are fully licensed, qualified and experienced in managing pests in SE Queensland.

With our digital monitoring stations and regular inspections, we’ve developed a comprehensive pest control system for both residential and commercial properties. So, contact Suburban Pest Management today to discover how we can solve your pest problem.

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