DIY Pest Control Video Series (Videos 5 - 9 Cockroaches)

Welcome to our DIY Pest Control video series!

In this series, we cover everything related to DIY Pest Control.

  • Understanding pests common to the South-East Queensland area – biology and behaviours
  • Non-chemical pest control methods
  • Common DIY products
  • The importance of safety with DIY approaches
  • How you can manage pests yourself safely and effectively
  • Products professionals use
  • When hiring a professional is the best choice

Welcome to Chapter 2 in our series (Videos 5 - 9) which covers everything related to Cockroaches.

What are Cockroaches?

In this video, Tom discusses why Cockroaches are considered pests, and the most common varieties found in Australia. He also discusses when a DIY approach is the best one and when it is best to get a professional in. Lastly, he covers the different DIY approaches to treat cockroaches.

What Products Get Rid of Cockroaches?

In this, the sixth video in this series, Tom looks at a number of different products used to treat Cockroaches and how they can be used most effectively. He looks at a wide variety of products but drills down to the main ones that SPM uses. He also discusses the active ingredients found in many of these products and their effects.

Cockroach Treatment from Bunnings?

In this video, Tom looks at the common DIY Cockroach treatments available from supermarkets or Bunnings. He discusses sprays, traps, and dust, and the effectiveness of each.

How Professionals Get Rid of Cockroaches

This video looks at how the professionals treat Cockroaches. At SPM, we know where to  look to find Cockroach infestations and we use the right equipment and mix of chemicals to treat Cockroaches efficiently and effectively. Tom not only looks at how we treat, but where we treat, and discusses the safety measures we take when treating the different areas.

How Do I Get Rid of Cockroaches? - Conducive Conditions

In this video, Tom covers our Detailed Pest Assessment Approach (DPA) which focuses on not just the chemicals we use to control pests, but also the non-chemical ways. Non-chemical ways include good hygiene, conducive conditions encouraging pests into the home or yard, and building design. Lastly, he reinforces that these non-chemical methods need to be addressed before chemical application, otherwise you may struggle to get on top of or stay on top of any pest issue.

For Videos 1 to 4, please go to our blog article here.

As we release new videos in this series, you will find them here, so please check back regularly.

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