DIY Pest Control Video Series (Videos 1 - 4)

Welcome to our DIY Pest Control video series!

In this series, we cover everything related to DIY Pest Control.

  • Understanding pests common to the South-East Queensland area – biology and behaviours
  • Non-chemical pest control methods
  • Common DIY products
  • The importance of safety with DIY approaches
  • How you can manage pests yourself safely and effectively
  • Products professionals use
  • When hiring a professional is the best choice

DIY Pest Control – Where Do I Start?

In this DIY Pest Control Introduction video, Tom Aldridge, the owner of Suburban Pest Management explains why he is doing this series.

Believe it or not, Tom is happy to endorse the “do it yourself’ approach to pest control if you are that way inclined. He acknowledges that there are plenty of people who prefer to save their hard-earned money rather than spend it on a professional pest manager.

He explains that this series aims to pass on some of the knowledge of how we, as professionals, do things, and how you can adopt some of these methods yourself. He also explains that this series will show you how to do DIY pest control safely and effectively.

How Do I Store Chemicals?

In this, the second video in the series, Tom takes a common sense look at storing chemicals safely - for our own safety, the safety of our family (including pets), and the environment.

How Do I Safely Prepare Chemicals?

In this video, Tom talks about chemical mixing and recommends always looking at ready-to-go pre-mixed diluted products if you are planning to go the DIY route. He also touches on making sure you understand what pests the product is registered to treat, and what protective equipment should be worn while mixing chemicals and during application.

How Do I Apply Chemicals Safely?

In this video, Tom talks about considering the risks before beginning any application. This includes taking a walk around and having a game plan to avoid any chemical going where it shouldn't, and of course wearing the appropriate PPE.

Please click here to go to Chapter 2 (Videos 5 - 9) which covers all things related to Cockroaches.

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