7 Signs of Termite Infestation

Have you noticed any of the 7 signs that you have termites at your house?

Have you ever noticed any signs of termites at your home? Termites are very clever insects, and they may already be causing damage to your home without you even knowing.

Termites may be small in size but termite colonies are huge, and they have the potential to destroy the timber structure of your property fast, and you could end up with a huge huge repair bill if you don’t react in time or take preventative measures

The trickiest part of fighting against these pests is actually to spot them. They chew and gnaw your timber house structure, your walls, and even your furniture... anything that is comprised of cellulose is at risk. They are hard to spot as they will first spend a significant amount of time creating their colony outside your home, then once they gain access they will use the interior wood as a food source.

We have used our expertise and experience to pull together a list of the most common signs to help you identify if you have termites.

Check out the video by Tom Aldridge, SPM's MD, explaining the 7 signs you have termites.  

Here are the 7 signs of termite infestation:

When you tap on timber skirting boards, door frames or window architraves, is there a hollow sound?

Tom checking door frames for termites
Tom checking door frames for termites

Termites eat timber from the inside out so damage is hidden behind wooden surfaces, particularly walls and window architraves. Since they consider wood a food source, termites can weaken the whole structure of your interior. When it is hollowed out by termites, wood has an empty sound when you tap on it and looks like honeycomb inside.

Can you hear a clicking sound coming from your walls?

Termite clicking sound
Termite clicking sound

Termites are very busy, noisy creatures, particularly when they are eating, and if you place your ear against the wall, and you hear a clicking sound, this could be a sign you have termites.

Is there any mudding protruding from the walls or in the corner?

Mudding in walls
Mudding in walls

Check if you have any mudding around your house. They can be anywhere where wooden materials are. There will probably be a termite nest nearby.

Do you have any leaking plumbing or moisture issues in the bathroom or kitchen?

Moisture issues in bathroom
Moisture issues in bathroom

Termites need ground moisture to survive. So if you combine leaky pipes with poor ventilation in the sub-floor and timber structures, this creates the perfect environment for termites to live and flourish.

Do you see mud packing around the foundations of the building?

Termite mud packing around the foundations of a house
Termite mud packing around the foundations of a house

These mud tubes can be found coming up from the ground wherever wood connects with the ground. This could be a tree, your shed, or your house. If you find mud packing or mud tubes around the foundations of your building, this is one of the signs you have termites.

Is the floor or ceiling sagging?

Ceiling sagging
Ceiling sagging

Termites eat timber from the inside out. They create a honeycomb pattern inside and will eventually damage structures so badly that floors and ceilings become weak and start sagging. If you see this happening at your place, you are likely to have termites.

Are your doors hard to open, or windows tight fitting?

Are your doors hard to open?
Are your doors hard to open?

If this normally happens to your doors when it rains, maybe you shouldn't be concerned. However, termites create moisture, so if there has been no rain for weeks and this has started happening, maybe you might have a termite problem.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may have a termite problem and you should book a termite inspection with Suburban Pest Management as soon as you can.

The 7 Signs of Termite Infestation Infographic

Use our infographic as a handy checklist to identify the 7 signs that you might have termites in your home.

Infographic design by Suburban Pest 7 Signs of Termite Infestation

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If you have spotted one or more of the 7 signs of termite infestation at your home, you should call SPM or go to our termite inspection page book an inspection today.

Suburban Pest Management are experts in termite treatment, and pest management. We have had over 25 years of experience in the local SE-Queensland area. Call SPM today for fast, affordable, professional pest control.

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