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Bribie Island is an island paradise just over the bridge, about 25km from Suburban Pest Management, which is located in Caboolture.  Bribie Island has a warm, humid, climate and offers beautiful coastal scenery, low-key bush camping spots, popular for boating and fishing. Many homes are near the ocean or on the canals, which are ideal environments for pests to thrive.

Bribie Island (Image courtesy of Visit Brisbane)

If pests are making your life difficult, you don’t have to put up with them invading your home. Suburban Pest can help!  Suburban Pest Management has the expertise, the newest innovation equipment; high quality products; and over 25 years of experience in exterminating pests throughout South-East Queensland. We are pest control experts in the Bribie Island area and we can eliminate pests and help you keep your property pest free. Our trained professionals use only proven techniques and up-to-date products that are effective and environmentally friendly.

Why You Need Professional Pest Control On Bribie Island

We know that there are numerous do-it-yourself (DIY) products available on the market, and people opt to buy them thinking they will remove pests successfully. In the case of the odd fly or cockroach, DIY products can be effective. Unfortunately, that is not the case when dealing with termites. The usage of DIY products can:

  1. Lead to release of more pesticides - There is a risk of misapplying DIY insecticides, which may result in you spending more than you would have if you hired a professional. 
  2. Provide a short-term solution - You can eliminate pests with a DIY product but you risk it happening again. With professional Pest Control in Bribie Island, you can eliminate pests from every corner of your house or office, for good.
  3. Higher health risks - With DIY products there is a higher risk of not eliminating the pests entirely from your place. By removing them completely, professional pest termination ensures that they won’t affect your living or working environment, or your health. 
  4. Make you spend more money and energy - Some pests are resistant to certain pesticides even though the DIY product packaging might say it is effective in pest extermination. Sometimes multiple applications are needed, and even then, may only provide a temporary solution as they may not exterminate pests fully. 
  5. Create an unsafe living or working environment - DIY products are almost useless against some creatures as they operate in huge colonies, which can cause damage in timber structures, sometimes without you even knowing. Our pest experts have experience with problems like these, especially large scale pest infestations, and can prevent further destruction before it is too late.

In the video below from the owner of Suburban Pest Management, Tom Aldridge, you can learn more about how SPM’s expertise and professional services can benefit you:

How do You Know when Pests have Invaded?

If you hear some unusual noises in your roof or in the kitchen, or spot wall cracks and holes or tell-tale signs of droppings, you might have rodents. They tend to live in your walls and can cause serious damage to electrical cabling. 

Like rats or mice, cockroaches can make your food prep spaces unhealthy. 

Termites live in colonies that can contain millions of these pests. They create mud leads and mud packing and can seriously destroy timber structures.

Termite damage to the wall in Bribie Island home
Wall Damage Caused By Termites in Bribie Island

How will my House Or Office Look after Pest Treatment?

Our main characteristic as pest control contractors serving the Bribie Island area is that we are extremely thorough in our pest extermination process. We treat your home or business premises like it is our own, and we will leave it with as little intrusion as possible.

Family in a pest-free home in Bribie Island
Happy Family at A Pest-Free Home

If you spot any suspicious traces of pests in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. As your go-to Bribie Island pest control experts, we aim to solve all of your pest issues, and prevent future pest infestations. 

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