At Suburban Pest Management, we use the latest technology on offer in the pest control industry today, to help us provide our clients with the best quality service available.

At SPM, we also have the best technicians who have the skills, knowledge, and experience, to best utilise the equipment.

In this series of videos called TOM TECH, Tom Aldridge, SPM’s owner talks about four pieces of equipment that our technicians use.


Our techs use a thermal camera to help identify if there's termite activity without causing too much damage to the property. The thermal camera attaches to an iPhone and is able to show the tech any variances in surface temperature. Even though with the naked eye there might not be any visible signs of termites, the thermal camera can show any heat spots that could potentially be termites. Check out the video as Tom makes a surprising discovery.


Our techs use a few different borescopes in their day to day work. The borescope in the video is literally a camera on a soft cord allowing the tech the ability to manoeuvre around different areas and peek into small spaces. So even when there are no visible signs of termites on the outside of the wall, the tech, once he/she identifies the best spot on the inside wall, can peek through a small hole on the inside of the wall, and discover termite activity.


One of the most beneficial pieces of equipment that our techs use is the Termatrac. It is essentially a radar which measures movement in behind the wall. It avoids the need to rip sheets off the wall. Our experienced techs know where to look to give them an indication of termites and they can use the Termatrac to help them with their investigation.


Once our tech has identified termites in the wall, a chemical called Termidor Foam can be used to treat the wall area where the termites enter. This strategy is called termite colony control. Termites will continue to pass through the Termidor foam over a couple off weeks and will take it back to the colony. It is very effective at eliminating the colony. Stage 2 is to look at a long-term management system (through the use of a chemical treatment or baiting system outside) to make sure that termites do not return.


The best tools are very helpful, but ultimately, it's the technician’s knowledge and experience that makes him/her look in the right places for any signs of termite activity.

That's why at SPM, our technicians are trained by top industry experts. We are a family business and we have been in the industry for over 25 years. That experience gives us the knowledge to train our techs in the best and most effective methods of termite inspections and treatments and stay on top of the latest equipment technology.

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