I Need a Timber Pest Inspection... But How Do I Know Who to Choose?

Spring is officially upon us, which means so are the warmer months… YAHOO! We’re not the only ones jumping for joy when we finally say goodbye to the chilly evenings and dark mornings that make us wish we could throw our alarm clock (or most likely smart phones these days) against the wall just to get a couple more minutes in bed. As it warms up, those nasty insects that some of us often refer to as White Ants are also chomping at the bit (pun intended) to get out and about. Whilst it’s important to note that there may not be a ‘Termite Season’ per se, Termites are very active and more aggressive in the warmer months. With all of the recent rain experienced (and no sign of it letting up anytime soon), signs of them are certainly starting to appear as wet conditions mixed with hot, humid weather, are just perfect for these incredible insects to assemble the troop and ramp up a gear.

Our Administration staff have had an influx of phone calls just over the past month alone from distraught homeowners, locating what they think is termite activity within their home, and unfortunately 9 times out of 10 this is definitely the case. It’s at this time that it becomes an ever present reminder to get your regular Timber Pest Inspections carried out, and as per the Australian Standard AS4349.3, these should be carried out on at least 12 monthly intervals, with you also keeping a keen eye out for any out of the ordinary issues that may arise between inspections. Of course, if necessary, nothing is stopping you from getting more regular Timber Pest Inspections carried out.

We are the first ones to admit that finding and selecting a great pest control expert in our industry (often referred to as the cowboy industry) can be a very confusing process . For this reason, we are here to help you with how to select the right pest control company and what questions need to be asked at the time of booking an inspector to come and inspect one of the biggest assets that most people will ever own:

  • Ensure the company/technician is insured to ensure you have peace of mind
  • How long will the inspection take?…. We would expect anywhere between 1.5-2hrs for an average size home
  • Will I be provided with a written report for my records?
  • Ask what is involved in the inspection process:
  • Will you be getting in the roof?
  • Will you be inspecting every room within my home?
  • What will you be inspecting outside and how far from the house will you be looking?
  • What will you be using during the inspection? (moisture meter, tapping device, Thermal Camera/Borescope/Termatrac if necessary)
  • Will you be looking for other Timber Pests (hence the name Timber Pest Inspection) such as Fungal decay & borer damage?
  • What happens if you locate live termites on my property?

And of course the ever present price question. Now this isn’t quite as easy to explain….prices vary dramatically in this industry and can be as low as $95.00 right through to $300.00 or more. It’s hard to say what is a reasonable price and this is why the above questions are so important to ask as this will help determine whether what you are getting is worth what you’ll be paying. In this day and age, it is very true in what they say, in most cases “you get what you pay for”.

Booking a termite inspection is definitely a big decision as unfortunately, unlike buying a TV where you can see what you’re getting and know what to expect when you get it home, you are just basically relying on the hope that you have booked a competent inspector to ensure your home is Termite free. And in some cases, booking a ‘cowboy’ can result in termites going undetected within the building, allowing them to cause thousands of dollars in damage! Every year we speak to homeowners who ‘saved’ $100 on a Timber Pest or Termite Inspection, only to discover $1,000 or more in repairs from termite activity that was missed.

Like anything, you can usually gauge a lot by your conversation; trust your gut! You should feel at ease when talking to the other person on the end of the phone and they should want to understand your needs and engage with you.

I hope this helps you with what can sometimes be a daunting process or at the very least, has given you some education and confidence in what to look out for. Of course, if you’re still a little uncertain, would like further advice, or you wish to book one of our highly skilled inspectors to attend your home, please feel free to give us a call, we are always here to help!

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