DIY Pest Control Video Series (Videos 10 – 12 Rodents)

Welcome to our DIY Pest Control Video Series

Chapter 3 Rodents

In this series, we cover everything related to DIY Pest Control and in this, the third chapter in the series, we discuss all things related to Rodents.

  • Understanding pests common to the South-East Queensland area – pest biology and behaviours
  • Non-chemical pest control methods
  • Common DIY products
  • The importance of safety with DIY approaches
  • How you can manage pests yourself safely and effectively
  • Products we use
  • When hiring a professional is the best choice

What Rodents Do We Have in Australia?

In this video, Tom covers the three main types of rodents in Australia (that are an issue) - the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat and the House Mouse. He looks at the main differences, and he looks at their behaviours and where they generally inhabit.

How Do You Stop Rodents?

In this video, Tom covers proofing the building to prevent Rodent access. He covers conducive conditions and how these can minimise rodents into the building. He also covers off on water sources and how you can prevent rodents from entering your home by removing access to water.

Rodent Bait Stations and Traps

So once you have looked at physical proofing, and eliminated conducive conditions encouraging rodents into the property, you are still likely to need to place bait stations or traps around the property. In this video, Tom looks at the pros and cons of both methods and how you can use each type safely and effectively.

As we release new videos in this series, you will find them here, so please check back regularly.

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