About Bribie Island

The only Australian off-shore island connected to the mainland via bridge, Bribie Island has long been a unique community.

With a land area of 148 square kilometres, Bribie Island is the smallest of the Moreton Bay sand islands (but the only one that Suburban Pest Management routinely visits, due to our head office in nearby Caboolture). Of the island, 56 square kilometres are national park – uninhabited by humans, but home to plenty of insects and animals we can assure you!

The history of the islands goes back to the indigenous Gubbi Gubbi people, who had permanent residence due to the easy access to seasonal seafood. As today’s locals will tell you – the climate and lifestyle is certainly conducive to permanent residence. The actual name Bribie Island is believed to come from a convict named Bribie who in the 1830s was allowed to visit the island by dingy to collect basket weaving materials.

The famous Bridge is 831 metres in length, and was opened in 1963 by Queensland Premier Frank Nicklin. Bribie Island State School dates to 1924, while Bribie Island State High (1989) and Banksia Beach State School (1992) are indicative of the increasing population growth and urbanisation on the island over the past 30 years.

The average age of a Bribie resident is 55 years old, fully 18 years older than the Brisbane City average of 37 years … but with the calm pace of life and the fresh sea air, they’ll probably handsomely outlive those stuck in the rat race.

Servicing suburbs

Suburban Pest Management is proud to provide Termite and Pest Control solutions to homeowners, tenants, and commercial businesses on Bribie Island:

  • Bribie Island
  • Bellara
  • Banksia Beach
  • Bongaree
  • Ningi
  • Pacific Harbour
  • Sandstone Point
  • White Patch
  • Woorim

Area Stats

Here are some snapshot statistics of the area:

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Native Cockroach Species
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Annual Lightning Strikes

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    Paul has been doing our pest inspections for the last 12 years. He is always spot on time, incredibly professional and knowledgeable and is almost one of the family – our two boys call him “Uncle Paul”! We couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

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